Terror in Australia as Crocodiles Swept Into Town by Floodwaters


You don’t want to run into this on the soccer field! (Photo: Getty Images)

Floods can be scary and wreak havoc no matter where they happen. But after flooding in Australia’s Northern Territory, people are faced with an unusual horror: Huge, deadly crocodiles brought by the floods are roaming through town, some apparently snatching up dogs.

After heavy rains caused devastating floods this weekend, Australian officials are warning that saltwater crocodiles have been swept close to population centers in Daly River, about 200 miles south of Darwin.

“The [area] is obviously populated by a large population of crocodiles, and already we’ve seen reports of crocodiles sighted within the community,” said Andrew Warton, director of the state’s emergency services, according to the Telegraph.

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Residents have reported seeing several crocs across town, according to the Guardian.

One resort owner, Stuart Brisbane, of the Daly River Barra Resort, said he saw a giant crocodile swimming less than 200 feet from the resort. There were also sightings of crocs swimming around the local soccer field, and witnesses claim they saw two dogs dragged away by the creatures.

Resident James Parry, who was evacuated, told the NT News: “You can be sleeping back at Daly and you’d be thinking about the water and where is the croc going to come from.”

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