Terrifying video shows great white shark leap out of water

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy recently shared a heart-stopping video on Facebook and YouTube. In the clip, Dr. Greg Skomal, a marine fisheries biologist, can be seen standing on the bow of a ship. He is searching for sharks off the coast of Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Suddenly, a great white shark breaches the surface of the calm water with mouth agape and lunges up towards Dr. Skomal. “Holy crap! It jumped right out of the water,” the boat’s driver can be heard yelling in the background of the video. “Did you see that? Did you see that?” Dr. Skomal replies. “It came right out and opened his mouth right at my feet”. The Conservancy provided some background on the now-viral clip, writing that while encounters like this one are rare, they’re possible. “While encounters like this one are rare, this video shows that they’re certainly possible. White sharks are wild and unpredictable animals”. “This is a good reminder of the importance of not becoming complacent and always staying vigilant when in or on the water”