Terrifying Video Of Biker Getting Attacked By Bull Reemerges

USA Today

Perhaps everyone’s worst nightmare is to be minding their own business on a ride and be attacked by an aggressive animal.

For some riders in California, that fear became a reality in early 2022 when a bull blocked the course of a gravel race called the Rock Cobbler.

Recently, a video of the attack became viral again. Watch the vicious attack below. Fair warning, Though there is no gore or gruesome injuries, the video is hard to watch.

Bulls can be deadly creatures. At least 16 people have perished at the famous Running of the Bulls event in Pamplona. Even people who did not actively put themselves at risk have been killed. Read about a biker who died after a bull attack here.

In this video, the bull took over a stretch of road As more people pulled up, the bull likely felt more and more threatened. One rider had the idea to try and go around the bull from above. As you saw, this did not end well.

As it turned out, that rider was not the only victim. Watch another rider get charged twice by the bull below.

Why these people passed so close to the bull is unclear. This video serves as a reminder to give animals a wide berth when passing them because Bulls are territorial and fast.

All of the riders attacked by the bull were okay. This is likely because the bull did not have long horns and only bruised the riders. Even so, I for one am not letting a bull's lack of horns let me pass one that close.

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