Terrifying Footage Shows Fire Truck Spinning Out of Control in Freezing Rain

A Winter Weather Advisory was issued in St. Louis after snow and sleet turned to freezing rain on Monday morning, coating the metro area in a thin glaze of ice. Residents were warned that untreated surfaces could be extremely icy and dangerous for traveling. The roads were so bad, in fact, that even a fire truck was no match for the slick conditions, as video footage captured the enormous vehicle spinning out on a residential street.

"The roads in the St. Louis-region are BAD. Here’s a view from Imperial, MO this morning," posted Brian Munoz, digital editor of St. Louis Public Radio. In the short, 15-second clip, the fire truck could be spinning in full circles before ramming into a parked car, and then gradually coming to a rest between two nearby homes.

It's unclear if anyone was home at the time, but disaster was very closely averted if the truck had actually crashed into one of the houses. To that point, another resident captured video from another angle closer to the truck, which shows just how scary the incident was.

In that clip, a woman could be heard shrieking: "Holy sh-t! Holy sh-t!" while another woman watched in horror with a phone to her ear. "I told you about the ice, man," a man's voice could likewise be heard saying off-camera.

According to Fox 2 News, the crash was deemed minor, and no injuries were reported. Locals can expect the transition from freezing rain to cold rain to begin around noon on Monday, with the ice expected to come to an end for the most of the St. Louis area from between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.