Terrified Senior Cats Just Surrendered to FL Shelter Are Breaking Hearts

Alex Di Stasi/Shutterstock

As heartbreaking as it can be to watch commercials or social media videos of sad shelter animals, watching and sharing can be a great way to help those animals find their perfect forever homes. After all, you never know who's going to see it! Anyone could be thinking about welcoming home a new pet, and a little tug on the heartstrings can be the perfect way to seal the deal.

And that's exactly what we're hoping will happen for these two sweet shelter cats. The senior kitties were recently surrendered to Florida's Orange County Animal Services for the saddest reason, and they're not adjusting well to the shelter. After living their whole lives together in a happy home, Tina and Willow are terrified with the shelter chaos! Once the right person sees this November 8 video, though, we know these gals are going to have a great home.

Pass the tissues, please! These gorgeous kitties seem so hesitant of shelter photographer @aharrisphoto, but they were still accepting of pets. This shows just how resilient and loving they are! They may be grieving the loss of their home after being surrendered when their owner became a caret, but we know things are going to get so much better for this bonded pair.

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The senior cats are going to thrive in a forever home where they can have all the time and space they need to adjust. Pet rescue experts recommend that new owners follow the 3-3-3 rule when allowing their new animal to decompress. It can take 3 days before a pet may start to feel safe, 3 weeks before they get the hang of routines, and 3 months before they're fully relaxed and showing their true colors. Trust us--it's worth the wait!

This tabby cat and black cat duo might take a bit longer to find a home due to their older age--and the fact that they're a 2-for-1 deal--but we know that Orange County Animal Services and their photographer are doing all they can to ensure they don't wait too long.

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