Terracotta Pots Are the Best for Plants

Syjil Ashraf

There are many factors that can hinder plant growth or help your plants thrive. And as any beginner in the garden should know, the type of pot you grow your plants in can greatly affect their health.

The Best Plants for Rookie Gardeners

Plants can be grown in all kinds of containers made out of many different materials, such as ceramic, clay and plastic. The best option, however, is terracotta pots, or pots made with fired clay. Due to the porous nature of the surface of a terracotta pot, air is easily exchanged between the roots of the plant and its surrounding environment. This is also beneficial in making sure the plant is not oversaturated with water as clay tends to draw out water from soil.

With the right amount of sunlight, proper temperature and enough air, plants can thrive anywhere with great care. However, using the right pot to grow those plants is just the first step in the right direction when starting up an indoor garden.