Tenth grade English teacher transforms classroom into cozy home away from home

This English teacher transformed his classroom into a homey oasis designed to meet students’ needs, and TikTokers are obsessed with the cozy and welcoming vibes.

A person’s surroundings influence their mood, so it’s not surprising that viewers actually want to be back in high school after watching a video from TikToker and English teacher Aaron Leatherbarrow (@punkrockteacher) featuring a tour of his cozy and thoughtfully designed classroom.

The clip begins with Leatherbarrow opening his classroom door to reveal a comfortably decorated space that looks like it could be mistaken for the teachers’ lounge.

Instead of rows of desks and chairs, Leatherbarrow offers sofas and couches as a seating option which he says “encourages the kids to come early.”

To the side of the couches in the center of the classroom are other places where students can sit, such as rolling chairs, cube chairs, armchairs, and even the floor. Leatherbarrow also includes a few standard school desks in the back, as some students prefer them.

In addition to two tables where students can do group work, Leatherbarrow also includes two bookshelves—one for textbooks and the other for various books, comic books, and games.

Of all the seating arrangements, Leatherbarrow’s is, of course, the grandest. He lectures from a homey rocking chair at the front of the classroom. Beside the chair, a bird sculpture is perched on a small table with a pair of slippers waiting beneath it.

Aside from the day’s lesson plan and standards of conduct hanging on the walls, the room looks more like a living room than a classroom, with an overall aesthetic TikTokers refer to as “dark academia.”

Many viewers were struck by how much time and care Leatherbarrow spent decorating his classroom.

“Creating a space that feels comfortable and safe is a HUGE part of teaching that non-teachers don’t think about,” one user mentioned.

“It is an awesome room. I wish all teachers had the time and money to make this happen. It would make such a difference,” wrote one TikToker.

“All you need is a cozy robe and a big rustic fireplace,” one viewer recommended.

Based on the number of adult TikTokers yearning to be in his class, it’s clear that Leatherbarrow knows how to create a comfortable, safe, and inspiring learning environment.

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