We Want To Know The Wildest Financial Issue Or Mistake That Caused Your Romantic Relationship Or Marriage To End

One of the most common arguments a couple can have will most likely involve finances or debt.

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And since one of the biggest drivers of divorce is disagreements about money, we want to know the money-related reason(s) that caused your relationship to end.

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For instance, did your spouse up and quit their job without any backup plan, which caused you to front all the bills for you and the family?

Or maybe after being together for a couple of years, you found out that your partner had no idea how to manage money once you started to live together because their parents always did it for them.

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Finally, perhaps you and your partner just had a financial conversation about saving money for a certain vacation, but they spent that money behind your back by buying something really expensive for themselves — and they didn't understand what the issue was.

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Or was there a situation where you realize over time that you both had completely polar opposite approaches to saving vs. spending — and that ultimately, you and your partner were not compatible?

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Also, when you found out about this major "money issue," what happened afterward and how did you feel? Did your partner who committed it to respond in a certain way when discussing the issue? Did you recover from the financial issue, too?

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Whatever the situation was, we want to know the money issue that drove you to end the relationship or divorce your spouse in the comments below (or in the Google form here).