Can We Tell The Difference Between Forever21, Target & TJ Maxx?!

We are putting a spin on Cheap vs Steep by guessing clothing items from 3 AFFORDABLE stores- Forever21, Target and TJMaxx.

Video Transcript

- I put it on, I was like, oh, I would wear this out, you know?

SINEAD DE VRIES: So today, we're trying on six different lingerie pieces, and we are going to investigate if these are really truly one size fits all.

- Hard no.

- Start ripping. Just rip it.

- I'm sorry. Welcome to Clevver Style.

- Thank you.


- What's up, you guys? Welcome back to Clevver Style!

- If you're brand new to this channel, welcome. Lovely to have you. We're glad you're here. If you're not, then welcome back. I'm Sinead. This is Drew.

- What's up?

- And today we are joined by Britnee.

- Whoo! hi.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Brittnee's frigging awesome, all right?

- Just a little bit about me.

- Yes.

- I own my own waxing studio. I model, I influence, I am a dog mom times four.

- Oh, wow. Look at you.

- I know.

- You are joining us for another edition of one size fits all lingerie.

- Whoo!

- Ooh!

DREW DORSEY: You guys know that we love to try one size fits all things on this channel, so we thought we got to dabble into lingerie because naturally, "ling-erie."

- It's leviosa.


- So today we're trying on six different lingerie pieces, and we are going to put our brains to the test to investigate if these are really truly one size fits all. So just to clarify, we're going to be trying on items that are one size fits most, and then there's also items that are one size fits most in plus size. So we are here to let you know if that is accurate.

DREW DORSEY: OK, so, Britnee, I don't know if you're aware, but the way we rate everything here on a scale of 1 to 5, but we going to pick an emoji--

- Ooh, OK.

DREW DORSEY: --to do that on that scale. So I just discovered this emoji, and I never use it but I love them in real life, the blueberry.

- Oh, you know what I saw the other day? It was like a bamboo floral arrangement, and I was like, I'm very impressed by this emoji. So I choose that one.

- I Think I'm going to go a palm tree.

DREW DORSEY: And to clarify for those of you watching for the first time, the rating system is to actually rate and determine whether or not these-- the lingerie is actually one size fits all. OK, you guys, let's get naked and put on something sexy.

- Whoo!


OK, you guys. So first up, we are in Yandy's criss-cross test me teddy set titty holder. It's the Ts.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Test me teddy.

- This situation right here. Here we go, whoop, whoop, whoop.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Oh, that is like, mesmerizing to watch.

DREW DORSEY: It was. That was cool to watch actually, like, in slow motion.




So this is a one size fits most piece, and they basically say that this should fit a 2 to 14 comfortably.

- Comfortable is not the word I would choose.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, comfortably, it doesn't look like something's a little off or like, it feels comfortable because the material is soft regardless, you know? The material feels nice.

- It just feels low budget.

SINEAD DE VRIES: It does feel low budg.

DREW DORSEY: I feel like they tried to make a movie that was "Hustler's" and we ended up with "Hust."


- Just "Hust."


- The top's OK. Definitely agree it's the cheapy stretch situation here.


- I really want this to be it.

- Yeah.

- Yeah

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: Like, I like the idea here.


BRITNEE ROCHELLE: Like the idea, the execution not so much. I would like to keep my circulation, and then we have this situation.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Also we weren't wearing bras, how do you think this would fit?

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: It would just be titty.

- Yep.


- OK, guys, let's rate this. So one being like, it's not at all one size fits all. And then five being that we think it is.


- I think it's like, a two just because it's already-- like, this is really tight on my thighs, so I don't feel like it would fit a wide range of sizes.


- And I just don't like it. I know that's not what the rating system is, but I just don't like it, you know?

- That is the ugliest f-ing--

DREW DORSEY: "ling-erie"

- --I've ever seen.


SINEAD DE VRIES: I would also give it a two because yes, it is stretchy. So I do think it will fit a lot of sizes, but I just don't know if everyone's going to love the way they feel in this.

- Mhm.

- I feel like the top is about it.


- I feel like this is good that it will fit a lot of ladies because of the stretchy fabric. These, however, is a hard no. So yeah, I'm going to give it a one.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Merp.


- All right we are back in this next piece. This is a Leopard camisole. It's like a body con type of thing. It's made out of what feels like slightly distressed chicken wire. I don't know you guys, this is hella uncomfortable.

- Uncomfortable?

- The material.


- Yes, I don't like it.

- It's a little Brillo-y--


- --if you will. Give it a good rub. Give it a good rub.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, it's hard.

- Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I hear what you're saying.

- Like this lining that they did on the hem is like--

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: Do you have a little tail? Look at mine.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Look at my little tail.

DREW DORSEY: Oh, woah. Yeah, that is kind of weird.


SINEAD DE VRIES: I think this looks even more low budget than the last one.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: Cheap leopard design.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah whenever it's like-- this is what you expect like, on a folder. Like a Li--

- Lisa Frank.


- Bingo!

- There you go. It is 100% like the standard animated spot.

DREW DORSEY: Mhm. I don't know, I like it, you guys. I put it on, I was like, oh, I would wear this out, you know?

- That's hot.

- First of all, I like how you guys have it looser. I think it's supposed to be sexy like that.

- I like a high neck line too.

- I made like, a halter, so I think it looks more like a dress that you would wear out, you know?

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, yeah.

DREW DORSEY: So, I don't know, man.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, it's not comfy.

- I would prefer something a little bit more flattering for me.


BRITNEE ROCHELLE: I'll give it that.

SINEAD DE VRIES: But it is really short.

- Yeah, it's very short.

DREW DORSEY: It is really freaking short.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: This situation. The seam goes


SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, yeah.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: And then I have a tail. You rock it, boo. You put the hoops on and a leather jacket--

- Listen, all y'all look sexy.

- --and get off it.

DREW DORSEY: There's something I like about this. I don't know why. And yes, it's cheap, but like, I don't know.

- OK, I truly do not believe this is one size fits most. I don't feel sexy this at all. I'm going to give this a one.


BRITNEE ROCHELLE: I'm right there. Hard no.


- I'm going to give it a one.

DREW DORSEY: I mean, take away how I feel about it just aesthetically. We're rating on one size fits all. I agree, it is-- it's a one.


- All right, next up we have this two piece set from Bare Necessities. This is the coquette set, and they come in the one size fits most from 0 to 14, and then plus size 16 to 22.

- There's two different prices, which is just excuse my French, croquette up. That's just-- that's not cool.

SINEAD DE VRIES: So anyways, how you guys feel about this one?

- I like the bottom situation how there's adjustable straps here. I'm into that.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, that's cool.

- I'm curious to see what it will look like with no bra, like the support aspect of it.


- But this is definitely bringing me back to like, 2004 or 2005. I feel like I had probably like, five damask notebooks. Like, the hard.


DREW DORSEY: I'm sorry, Britnee, your boobs are incredible.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, they're really nice.

- They are so nice.

- Thank you.

- They are so nice.

- Hi, sorry. Welcome to Clevver Style.

- Thank you.

- Congratulations, you're officially a part of the band.


- I think it looks good on you guys. Like I--

- It doesn't fit me.

- --I can't see it on myself.

- The top is a no. Yeah.

- It's--

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: The top's negative.

- --actually making--


- --me kind of insecure.

- OK, what about just about the bottoms?

- The bottoms are good, but then again that's like-- if you're going to-- lingerie's such a sensitive thing for some people. They could have done more to make this more flattering to a wider range of sizes.

- I probably like it the most out of everything we've tried--

- Yeah. Yeah.

- Mhm.

- --on thus far. I do feel like it's very comfortable. I like for the one size fits most situation there's a lot of adjusting going on, which is crucial I think. I'm going to give it three palm trees.

SINEAD DE VRIES: That's good. Really don't like how this can't be adjustable, but I love that this could be adjustable because it's not something you see very often. But I still think I have to give it two because I just don't get it.

DREW DORSEY: If I'm just talking about one size fits all, I'm going to give it a two because this isn't tight enough on you. And I don't like the fact that they have two different prices, so just because I don't like them I'm giving it a two.



(FRENCH ACCENT) OK, we are in the Oh, La, La Cheri teddy. This little teddy is from the-- it's--

- Bare Necessities.

- (FRENCH ACCENT) It's from Bare Necessities, and I apologize for my very bad French accent. All right. Croissant.


Listen, Bare Necessities you full of [BLEEP] because you guys did it again. The straight size is $27, and the plus size is $33.

- Disrespectful.

SINEAD DE VRIES: And they definitely didn't use any more fabric for this one if they were even--

- No!

SINEAD DE VRIES: --going to try to make that their argument.

- It's sad because I really like this one. You know? I think it's great on all of us. I love the colors. It comes in white, red, and black. It's just sad that it's really cute, but why did they do that? Because it makes me not like it now.

- It has so much potential--

SINEAD DE VRIES: I like this bow too.

- --honestly.


- Love the bow.

- The bow's cute, and I like all the different materials. They have more of like a meshy type thing, lace, and then satin bow. I really like the satin bow actually.

- Oh!

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: The one size, no. I ripped getting in, girlfriend. It's a little tight, you know?

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, well this--

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: I'm digging in a little bit.

SINEAD DE VRIES: --one actually has a legit band.

DREW DORSEY: I was going to say, though like, without a bra, I don't know.


OK, so my rating for this whole situation is going to be a one because it's not one size fits all, and I don't like the prices thing again.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: It's definitely not a one sizer. The pricing, I'm not into it.


BRITNEE ROCHELLE: Negative three.

DREW DORSEY: Yeah, negative. Negative three.

- Negative three.

- I would give this a one as well. I just feel like, it's one of those things where--

- The potential is there.

SINEAD DE VRIES: --the potential is high. That's what makes it sad.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: The details, yeah.

SINEAD DE VRIES: But we have two left, so hopefully one of these will be good.


OK. So this is also from Bare Necessities. It is the heart top garter set, and it's called the dreamgirl. Which I say, how dare you call this a dreamgirl?

DREW DORSEY: (SINGING) We're your dreamgirls.

- Dreamgirls will never leave you.

- I think this might be the best fit.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah, especially the top. She looks so good.

DREW DORSEY: Mhm. I like it on you.

SINEAD DE VRIES: I literally couldn't figure out how to put it on because after I put the pants on, I was like, where's the top? I realized I was wearing the top as pants, and the neck hole was my coochie hole.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: It was perfect.

SINEAD DE VRIES: And then I felt really silly until Drew opened her door, and had it on the exact same way.

- So just know that you can wear the top as pants, and it's like, a little crotch hole.


- Very versatile. Very versatile.

- And later on, monkeys might fly out of my butt.


- This is funny because this one so far is like, the one I like the least. But I think it's the most size inclusive that we've tried on so far. And I feel very comfortable in it. You guys look great in it. I don't know. I think this--

- Dilemma. My heart.

SINEAD DE VRIES: It all of a sudden hurts, right? And I'm like, I don't want to rate it high because like, look at it. I'm going to give this a four out of five.

DREW DORSEY: Holy whoa. That's high.

- It's grown on me, you guys.

- It's grown on me too. I can't be mad at it. The bottom is-- it's just a little short. It's just a little short. As soon as I walk, it's just crotch, you know? It's terrible, but it's so terrible it makes me like it, you know?

It's like the amoeba purple one that we did. It's like that same type of vibe. I got to give it a four too. It's versatile. Like, come on.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: No, yeah. I feel like for the one size, this one's it so far.

- Yeah, right?

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: But it makes me cringe.


- But like, it has to-- I have to give it a four.

- (SINGING) Hate how much I love you.


BRITNEE ROCHELLE: This bodysuit is from Yandy, and it is called the I Kid You Net bodysuit.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Get it? Do you guys get it?

- And unlike the first piece, this is a one piece. This was a serious workout to get into. I feel like it's probably a one time wear.


- My nail, my man's toenail--


- --might take it out.

DREW DORSEY: Oh, not the toenail. Britnee!


BRITNEE ROCHELLE: How do we feel, girls? I feel very comfortable.

- I feel very comfortable.

- I feel very free.

DREW DORSEY: I feel like a pop star. I need my mic and it's just like, what's up, you guys? Thank you so much for being here. Good night. You know?


- But not in a sexy way. It's just like, in a Hannah Montana type of way.

- (SINGING) Best of both worlds.


- I like the back. The netting on the butt. I like this right here, but I don't necessarily love any of this situation. It's just like, there's no rhyme or reason to this pattern, what they were thinking. They were just like, just start ripping. Just rip it.

DREW DORSEY: No choices were made.


- It's a mood board.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: OK, for this piece I feel like I'm going to give it four palm trees.


- It's not horrible.

- It's not horrible.

- It's not horrible. Probably wouldn't be my top pick, but I get down tonight, you know?

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yeah. I'm extremely comfortable. If I give the last one a four, then this one is definitely a four as well.

- I think this is my favorite.


Yeah. Obviously these things are crazy, but it feels good. It feels really comfortable. For some reason I feel very clothed, which is strange. But I feel very clothed.

- You have a tree on everything.

- I know, but it just feels like, I'm covered.

- Yeah, secure. It's almost like--

- Secure.

- --I feel very secure in this as well.

- Yeah, dare I say it.

- Are you going to give it a five?

- I give it a five.


It's getting a five from me. It's the five from me. OK, you guys. Yet again another voyage of one size fits all. This time, it was "ling-erie." Let us know what you thought comment section below to your favorites.

- Honestly, some hits and some misses today, but if you guys have a go to shop for where you buy all of your lingerie-- I keep wanting to say "ling-erie." You're actually making me think that's how you're supposed to say it.

- Wait, word?

- But yeah, please let us know like some of your favorite pieces, some of your favorite stores. If you have to go to, then drop that in the comments because we need to know. And also Britnee, thank you so much for joining us.

- Thank you for having me. I had so much fun with you girls.

SINEAD DE VRIES: We had fun too. Honestly, you're the best.

- We really popped your Clevver cherry with a weird one.

BRITNEE ROCHELLE: The wilder, the weirder, the better. I'm here for it.

DREW DORSEY: We like it, Follow Britnee, you guys. Shout out, what are your handles?

- @BritneeRochelle on all the things.

DREW DORSEY: Follow her. She's awesome.

SINEAD DE VRIES: Yay, awesome. Well, you guys, that's it for us. We have to go preform, we have a show tonight. Obviously, as you can tell.

- We'll wear lip gloss.