Teensy Juvenile Pufferfish Charms Everyone by Looking like a Pea


It's always thrilling when you're introduced to an animal you have never seen before, and I think that's part of the appeal of watching this adorable video of a juvenile puffer filefish. This little guy looks like a tiny vegetable pea!

Watch the following to see what we mean.

The adorable video, shared by the TikTok account for @ausgeo, has everyone fascinated by this tiny little fish!

@Zorg comments, "Ah yes a little pea in the sea." @Jersey replies, "This fish needs its own Pixar movie." @LK responds, "The sea pea looks like he has the weight of the sea on his shoulders."

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So many viewers thought this tiny guy looked like he hiccuped! We aren't sure if that's exactly what he did, but we like to think so because it increases his adorable-ity 100 percent.

@Kristen is alarmed by him and asks, "Why do it’s eyes look so AWARE? I’ve never seen a sentient pea before." @Ryn has Thanksgiving on the brain and responds, "I thought it was a Brussels sprout with googly eyes at first."

National Geographic Australia explains that this is a Juvenile file pufferfish, also known as a pygmy leatherjacket. According to Whatsthatfish, filefish can alter their color and pattern to match their surrounds and so deter predators. These tiny guys are found around hard and soft corals, seaweed beds and coastal reefs.

All we know for sure is that this tiny fish is just as cute as can be and we love nothing more than discovering new creatures. If you would like to see more amazing animal videos, you can also follow National Geographic Australia over on Instagram!

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