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Teens are giving their moms Gen-Z makeovers in the ‘turning my mom into me’ TikTok trend

Your mama has still got it! Probably because she never lost it.

In the “turning my mom into me” challenge, which is currently taking over TikTok, young women are transforming their moms into hip, trendy versions of themselves.

Nobody will blame mom for keeping it comfortable and casual on most days. But the trend is a fun reminder that a few styling tweaks can be a mood-boosting vibe change, or at least make for some fun mother-daughter bonding time — especially when a lot of the clothes teens wear are the same ’90s and Y2K styles their parents rocked.

The trend is often under the sound “evie” (a remix of “I Wish” by Skee-Lo), which has over 202,000 videos associated with it.

TikToker @_hinckley’s mom went from cozy neutrals to an off-the-shoulder sports tee with baggy jeans, sneakers and giant headphones.

Meanwhile, @camrynrlee‘s mother got an athleisure makeover featuring a crop top, leggings and slicked-back hair.

User @jjoness‘ 60-year-old mom Dr. Wendy Walsh normally sports a business suit. But after the challenge, Dr. Walsh rocked an asymmetrical bodysuit, camo pants, Converse sneakers and pigtails.

When @m4riae333‘s mama swapped her glasses and jean shorts for a tank top and baggy pants, she looked like she stepped out of a Y2K time machine.

Although @jennasteves‘ mother was already serving ’90s vibes in a Nirvana hoodie, her layered, lacy crop tops were a major switch-up.

TikTokers can’t get enough of the moms’ Gen-Z makeovers.

“This is my fav trend,” one user commented on @_hinckley’s video.

“I love this trend and it blows my mind how much younger they all look in young ppl clothes,” another user wrote.

“This trend has convinced me i should dress youthful until i’m 50,” one user commented.

“It’s crazy how their attitude and body language immediately changes and fits the look,” another user wrote.

“Suddenly I’m Yung Gravy,” joked another user.

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