Teen's flirting attempt goes horribly wrong

Normally, most of us don’t take rejection well, especially if we’re being turned down by someone we’re madly in love with. But one Pittsburgh teenager has made it his mission to get rejected — for a hilarious purpose. Meet Hunter Badamo. For the past couple of weeks, the 16-year-old has been posting videos of himself conducting “speedruns”. In competitive video games, a speedrun is a playthrough with the goal of finishing a game as quickly as possible. In Badamo’s case, the teen sends private messages to girls on Snapchat and times how long it takes for them to reject him. When one girl actually agreed to go out with him, he turned the tables by telling her he plays chess. prompting the girl to reply, “Leave me the f*** alone,” and setting a new speedrun record for Badamo. The teenager’s antics have since gained him a number of new followers (he currently has more than 29,500 followers). There is no word yet as to whether Badamo’s rejection “records” on Snapchat have been beaten