Teens Who Drove Golf Cart on Maryland Highway Charged With Felony Vehicle Theft

A group of teen girls seen riding a golf cart down a highway in Bowie, Maryland, on September 12 in a viral video were charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle, according to reports.

One of the girls said they took the cart after they missed their Lyft ride, according to reports.

Gregory Green was driving west on Route 50 when he spotted the group and yelled at them that they needed to pull over.

“That’s just way too dangerous,” Green can be heard saying to the girls as he drives by them with the passenger-side window open.

“This really was very troubling,” he said. "On the highway at that very time were huge 18-wheeler trucks. They had no seatbelts on. Nothing.”

The person claiming to be the driver of the golf cart posted a video to her social media account saying, “Y’all really think me and my b****** just gonna ride in the golf cart in the highway? We really missed our $32 Lyft from Bowie to D.C.”

Green told Storyful, “I did not intend for this video to be viewed as being funny.” Green’s daughter posted it with the caption, “Somebody call their parents lmaooooo.”

According to local media, the Bowie Police Department confirmed the incident and said the five teenage girls on the golf cart were later taken into custody after being charged with stealing the golf cart from Alvista Bowie Apartments.

All of the girls were either 15 or 16 years old, WUSA9 said.

“Even beyond the felony theft of a motor vehicle, there was certainly some poor decision making at play,” wrote Bowie Police Chief John Nesky in a statement sent to WUSA9. “It is extremely dangerous and reckless to operate a golf cart on a road, let alone a highway such as Route 50. The cart Is moving at such a lower speed that other drivers approaching it at the speed limit would not be able to see it in time to brake or avoid a collision.” Credit: Gregory Green via Storyful