Teenager sparks debate after tricking her sister into a 'silly' haircut

A 19-year-old is sparking a major online debate after sharing the way she tricked her “copycat” younger sister.The teenager, writing under the username 8937apple, shared the conflict in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum.The 19-year-old wrote that her sister has “copied” her for years.The Redditor added that she’s asked her sister to stop doing it several times.One day, the 19-year-old planned some payback.She found an old wig, put it on and snapped an Instagram photo.When the teen visited her parents that weekend, she saw her younger sister.As expected, she’d cut her hair to look like the wig.The situation got more dramatic when the Redditor’s parents got involved.They called the stunt “a really bad joke,” and asked the teen to cut her hair.The 19-year-old refused though, and wrote that she did feel guilty.“While I feel sorry for her, I am somewhat glad that at least she won’t be able to copy my hairstyle now with her hair so short”

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