Teenage Skier Slams Hard On Road Jump Attempt

Like any skier's rite of passage, the infamous Baker Road Gap giveth and taketh.

In this video, which involves a terrifyingly close call, the Gap taketh. Luckily, the skier who narrowly avoided eating asphalt wasn't seriously hurt.

Spooky. Road gaps are unique in that they involve, y'know, roads. And you don't need to be a pro skier to know you don't want to land on a road. They're significantly harder than a pillowy powder landing.

Speed snafu aside, this send from Willie Estep is bonkers. His backflip was pitch-perfect. He would've laced it had he dialed up the speed a little higher.

And, adding to the impressiveness, this stunt was launched before Willie's 18th birthday. I've never been big on age claims but credit's due in this case. The Baker Road Gap's typically reserved for pros with years of skin in the game, so major props to Willie for taking it on before graduating high school.

For those curious, here's a video recapping a few successful sends over the Baker Road Gap.

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