Teen wears a short-sleeved and cropped suit to prom, gets mixed reaction: 'Is there a flood perhaps?'

This teen wore a short-sleeved and cropped suit to prom. (Photo: Twitter/DonyellMeredith)
This teen wore a short-sleeved and cropped suit to prom. (Photo: Twitter/DonyellMeredith)

High schoolers continue to step their game up when it comes to dressing for prom. But for Donyell Meredith II from Indianapolis, dressing to impress wasn’t hard to do. The 18-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he’s always trying to wear something different. And for prom, that meant rocking his suit in a rather untraditional way.

Taking to Twitter to share a collection of photos from the big night, including some with his date and other friends, Meredith definitely stood out. Alongside a few young men in black and grey suits, Meredith was rocking a short-sleeved jacket and cropped pants, which have since garnered a lot of attention.

“You can buy designer,” he wrote in his tweet, which has since been liked more than 9,500 times, but “one thing you can’t buy is swag.”

The picture certainly proves that Meredith’s style is cool, and, according to the young man, all it took was a trip to a superstore retailer and a little extra tailoring.

“I got the suit from K & G Fashion, but I had it tailored and told them where I wanted the sleeves and pants to come down to,” he says about the process of putting together the unique look. “I always like to dress different and not necessarily wear the in things or expensive designer clothing. I really enjoy putting together outfits.”

When it comes to making a look like this work, Meredith also accepts that there will be some people who hate it and aren’t afraid to share those opinions.

“When I first told my mom what I wanted to do, she said no and that it would look terrible. Then there were other people that didn’t like it and told me to buy the rest of my suit. But I just feel like they were more upset that they didn’t come up with the idea first,” he says.

Luckily the look didn’t cause any controversy with Meredith’s school; he says there was no dress code against the short-sleeved look. But his mom wound up coming around to it, as did hundreds of people who reacted positively to the hem lengths on social media.

Meredith isn’t the only one of his friends who knows a thing or two about fashion. Replying to the teen’s post, one person pointed out the amazing shoes that Meredith’s friend paired with his look.

All in all, it seems like the whole crew has the right idea when it comes to making wardrobe magic on prom night — and Meredith says his choice was also ideal for comfort.

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