Teen teaches herself to sew so she can transform dad’s T-shirts into priceless blanket: ‘He was my best friend’


A grieving daughter found a way to commemorate her father in the most beautiful way, and TikTok is in tears.

Summer Thompson (@summerthom) touched the hearts of over 17.4 million people when she shared her emotional DIY project to her account.

Now, much like the family who felt they received a spiritual message from their mom after spreading her ashes, Summer’s heartfelt tribute to her father is going viral on TikTok.

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After losing her father — who was also her best friend — Summer decided to keep his memory alive by transforming his wardrobe into a very special blanket.

Despite never having sewn before in her life, Summer tackled the DIY project head-on — even though doing so was a very emotional process.

When she was done, Summer had a priceless blanket to give to her mom and sisters, something that they can keep warm with whenever they want to feel close to her dad. But Summer didn’t stop there.

After her initial video went viral, Summer returned to share a tutorial on how to make a memory blanket — one she’d be keeping for herself this time.

But Summer didn’t just share instructions on how to turn shirts into a blanket. She also shared “a little piece of my heart” by showing viewers a photo of her beloved dad.

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‘What a wonderful way to remember him…’

Millions of TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to Summer’s DIY project in the comments.

“This looks like it’s been so therapeutic for you,” one user wrote. “Watching you be able to get yourself to do things like this while grieving has helped me a lot.”

“Lost my mom last December,” another user shared. “Didn’t know what to do with all her scarfs, hats and clothes. But you inspired me and give me ideas. Thank you!”

“What a wonderful way to remember him,” wrote another user.

In a touching follow-up video, Summer not only revealed her finished blanket — made up of her dad’s work shirts — but also thanked the many people who reached out with words of support.

“Everyone’s comments and messages have been so nice, so positive,” she said to the camera, with her blanket draped around her shoulders. “It’s actually been really helping me. So, I just wanted to say thank you.”

Now, Summer is using her talents to help others by making beloved memory blankets via her Etsy shop. “Each blanket is handmade with love,” she writes.

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