Teen shows off ‘insane’ hidden talent: ‘How is this even possible’

Morgan Greenwald

A gifted teen is going viral on TikTok after showing off her “insane” hidden talent.

On June 23, Julia McCahill uploaded a video to the platform showcasing her ability to talk backwards.

In the video, one of Julia’s friends recites phrases, and Julia immediately repeats them back backwards.

To prove that Julia is actually saying these phrases backwards and not just speaking gibberish, her friend records everything she says and then plays the messages backwards, revealing actual coherent sentences.

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People are beyond impressed by Julia’s ability to do what Missy Elliott has rapped about doing for years: put that thing down, flip it and reverse it.

“Ok that’s a real talent,” one person said.

“How does ur brain work backwards mine can barely work normally,” another user joked.

“How is this even possible whaaaatt,” a third person added.

Talking backwards may not be a useful skill, but it sure is a fun one!

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