Teen Was in the Hospital for Her Prom, So Her Friends Threw Her Another One

Paige porter prom
Paige Porter (far left) was hospitalized and nearly missed her prom. Her friends were not about to let that happen, so they threw her another one. (Photo: Twitter/PaigePorter3)

Prom is right up there with weddings when it comes to those most hyped of fancy days. The makeup, the hair, the glitz and glamor of it all can be a little overwhelming. Overwhelmed is exactly how high schooler Paige Porter felt on her prom day, so much so in fact that while she was getting ready she fainted.

“I was actually in the middle of getting my makeup done when I realized, ‘wow, I’m gonna pass out,'” Porter told Yahoo Style. “I went to stand up but I couldn’t move at all. I just laid my head back and told my mom. As soon as I finished talking, I was out.”

Instead of heading to the prom as planned, Ported headed straight to the hospital. The diagnosis? Low blood sugar and a slowed down heartbeat; but nothing that a few hours of rest couldn’t fix. “Everything went back to normal,” Porter said.

After a few hours in the hospital, Porter was cleared to go to prom. Her mom finished doing her hair and makeup, and off she went. Naturally, she didn’t feel her best and went home earlier than expected (but she stayed long enough to see her friend win prom queen). What she regretted missing most were the prom pictures she was planning to take with her lifelong friends — pictures that coincided right with her hospital stint.

“They felt so bad for me when they got the that call I was in the hospital,” she said. “My best friend Logann then said something about planning another prom so I would be able to get pictures.” And that’s exactly what her friends did.

The high schoolers all got together again when it was time to take graduation pictures, and with just a quick wardrobe change they were back in their prom gowns and ready to retake the photos that Porter missed.

Paige Porter and her friends taking graduation photos.
Paige Porter and her friends taking graduation photos.

“I really want to thank all of them for doing that for me,” Porter said in an interview. And with that, a lifelong memory was made.

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