This teen made her prom entrance in a casket

One Americus, Ga.-based teenager is drawing criticism for her unusual choice of prom transportation: a hearse and a casket.

Alexandrea Clark posed for her prom photos wearing a black and gold dress with a full tulle skirt. However, what makes her pictures more unique is the fact that she’s seen standing in front of a hearse as opposed to a limo. If that wasn’t distinct enough to make a grand entrance at her school’s dance, she then proceeded to get into a casket to take her to the event.

In video footage, Clark is wheeled out of the hearse and waits until the coffin lid is lifted to reveal her smiling face, very much alive. Dozens of onlookers watched, phone cameras in hand, as she walked out of the coffin and presumably to the dance.

(Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)

Photos of Williams’ entrance are being circulated on social media and are going viral. “What in the World Is going on! Who would let their daughter come to prom like this? I’m lost for words. I have seen it all! She claim she was Casket Clean,” wrote comedian Terrence K. Williams.

As Clark explained to USA Today, she currently works at a funeral home and plans to be a funeral director once she graduates from Ogeechee Technical College. She chose her unusual ride in part to celebrate her career choice, and in part to warn her fellow classmates against drinking and driving. “I was thinking about my class and how they are going to prom and doing the bad stuff after prom; like having drugs and doing all that,” she said.

In light of the current debate over guns in schools, this stunt has angered some people who say a teen in a casket is all too reminiscent of real life. The photos, which have received hundreds of retweets and responses on Twitter, are under scrutiny from commenters. “I’m sure parents of slain teens don’t find it quite as amusing,” one wrote. “This is a parents worst nightmare. I lost my 19 year old son. This is our future?” asked another. One commenter had more empathy: “Must be really hard to be a normal teenager these days.”

Clark didn’t plan on going viral, or causing any controversy. “This is just what I do, and this is my career that I plan on doing and I love what I do,” she said. “I love being around people and helping others. And it’s not to disrespect anybody.”

Shockingly, this isn’t the first time a teenager has chosen a hearse over a limo. Last year, a New Jersey teen named Megan Flaherty, who also plans to be a funeral home director after college, arrived to her prom in a hearse and coffin driven by family friend and funeral director Dennis McGee. “I’m a quiet person in school, so people didn’t expect it,” she said at the time. Flaherty was also following in her family’s footsteps, after her older brother also took the hearse to prom.

For now, it’s too soon to call the “funeral prom” a trend. But stranger trends have happened — and prom season isn’t over yet.

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