Teen’s Christmas list PowerPoint sparks debate: ‘I realised how poor I am’

A mother’s video of her teenage daughter’s Christmas list has sparked a debate ahead of the holiday season.

Krystiana, a social media influencer and mother of four, went viral when she shared footage of her daughter’s PowerPoint presentation to TikTok. In the video, which has 14.8m views, Krystiana’s teen daughter Ava gives a detailed list of the presents she wants for Christmas.

“I now present to you, my Christmas list,” her daughter says in the clip. As she takes her parents through the presentation, one of the slides features pictures of Nike sneakers, including hyperlinks to purchase the items online.

“Wow, you made it so easy for me,” the mom jokes in the video.

Ava then continued the presentation, showing off images of electronics like iPhones and AirPods. One slide appeared to show three different perfume bottles, while another asked for snacks to put in her snack cart.

“Christmas lists in 2022,” Krystiana captioned the TikTok, along with a crying laughing emoji.

The list of expensive items sparked a debate in the comments section, as many TikTok users contemplated the reason for the season.

“I don’t know why but Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore,” one user wrote.

“I literally don’t understand why people spend this much at Christmas,” said someone else.

The video also made some people second guess their own Christmas lists, writing, “And I thought what I wanted for Christmas was expensive.”

“I realised how poor I am,” one person added, while another user said: “My family can’t afford gas for hot water.”

Despite some of the criticism, many people defended the PowerPoint as light-hearted fun, while others felt the teenager deserved the items on her list simply for the amount of effort she put into the presentation.

“So impressive she deserves it,” one user said.

“She’s very intelligent,” another person wrote. “Might as well get her everything just for the effort”.

“She’s going places!” said someone else.

Ava isn’t the only child getting creative with their Christmas lists this year. A teenage boy from Pennsylvania recently went viral on TikTok when he delivered a Shark Tank-style speech to pitch his Christmas list to parents. In the video, Cooper, 13, is seen dressed in a suit and tie as he gave a PowerPoint presentation to his parents – Shelley and Edward – to ask for gifts such as a new mousepad and a gaming gift card.

“On the outside he is 13 and on the inside, he is 50,” Shelley said. “He has never asked for more than the bare minimum and is such a good kid.”