Teen boys’ school haka gives millions of TikTokers ‘goosebumps’ as the footage goes viral

A school haka performance is gaining millions of views across TikTok — and inspiring people around the world to learn about Māori culture.

Performed inside a gymnasium and captured by TikTok user @papa.and.pepe, the powerful footage quickly gained over 54 million views, 6.9 million likes and 38,000 comments.

The video takes place in the gym of a wharekura, a secondary immersion school that, according to the online dictionary Te Aka, teaches Māori principles, uses Māori language and incorporates Māori customary practices into the way it operates.

As defined by Te Aka, a haka is a posture dance that features vigorous actions and rhythmically shouted words. There are various types of hakas, including haka pōhiri, a welcome dance performed for visitors; haka taparahi, a posture dance performed without weapons; or a pōtēteke, in which the performers recite their haka while upside down.

In a follow-up video, @papa.and.pepe uploaded an all-female haka with the caption “Wāhine Toa” — meaning “warrior women.” This video also made waves on TikTok, gaining over 2 million views and nearly 200,000 likes.

Thousands of comments poured in, all in awe of the powerful performances.

“I get goosebumps every time I see videos of people doing the Haka dance,” one user wrote.

“Every haka dance I’ve seen has made me tear. so much passion,” commented another user.

“I love watching the haka, gives me chills every time 🥰,” wrote one user.

“Surely I’m not the only 1 who felt the shivers from my neck to the fingers,” another user commented.

And @papa.and.pepe isn’t only educating TikTok on Māori culture. He’s also teaching his little girl, Pēpē, te reo Māori, or the language of the Māori — and he’s documenting their sweet lessons for all of TikTok to enjoy.

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