Ted Cruz Calls Out Dan Crenshaw for ‘Overheated Rhetoric’ over House Speaker Holdouts

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) accused Representative Dan Crenshaw (R., Texas) of using “overheated rhetoric” against GOP holdouts who refused to support House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s bid for speaker.

“My view is settle down. This will work out and it’ll be fine,” Cruz said on his Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast on Friday. “That kind of overheated rhetoric, calling people ‘terrorists,’ is not terribly conducive to anything resembling Republican unity. It’s not conducive to having strong leadership for the next two years in the House, engaging in vitriol and personal attacks.”

Crenshaw previously criticized the holdouts, telling Fox News Radio, “We cannot let the terrorists win.”

After the “terrorist” comment sparked backlash, Crenshaw tweeted: “Unclutch your pearls. It’s a figure of speech. You can’t insult, slander, and hold everyone hostage with no way out – and not expect me to punch back. Grow thicker skin.” 

Crenshaw also slammed the House holdouts in a comment to the Washington Post’s Dylan Wells on Wednesday.

“I’m tired of your stupid platitudes that some consultant told you to say on the campaign trail, alright. Behind closed doors tell us what you actually want, or shut the f*** up,” he said of the defectors.

“They need to be men and adults and say what they want, instead of playing these little games, that’s what we’re asking. That’s what I’ve asked them. Some of them are my friends. Stop saying platitudes like, ‘Washington is broken. We can’t do the status quo,’” Crenshaw said.

The House voted to adjourn on Friday until 10:00 p.m. after McCarthy failed to win the speakership in a 13th vote. However, McCarthy won over 15 of the 20 holdouts in the 13th round of voting.

Representatives Ken Buck and Wesley Hunt are expected to return to the chamber in time for the 14th vote on Friday night, according to reports. Both are expected to vote for McCarthy.

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