Tech Nerd Tuesday: 5 Summer Essentials Every Traveler Needs

·Editor at Large

Whether you’re off to the beach, the mountains, or your own backyard, here are five summer essentials you will need to amplify the fun this summer.

1. The Mini Jambox


We love this compact, high-quality speaker. Not only does it come in nine colors, it has 10 hours of battery life and a multi-play option that allows you to wirelessly connect two mini Jambox speakers, take turns playing from two speakers ,and separate left and right speakers channels for stereo sound. You can also get it in a water-safe option to play in the shower or pool area.

Cost: Starts at $129.99

2. The UP24 wristband and app system by Jawbone


Boost your summer fitness and look chic with the UP24 wristband, which tracks how you eat, sleep, and move via your smartphone. It lets you connect to services like Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, and Strava — and it comes in colors like pink coral, lemon lime, and navy blue, in addition to onyx and persimmon.

Cost: $149.99

3. Waka Waka Solar Powered Light


We love the Waka Waka for many reasons. Not only is it a durable, lightweight, and compact solar-powered light, it is also capable of charging virtually any type of smartphone or small electronic device within just a few hours. Attach it to your backpack during the day to charge it and voila — you are ready to go! But most of all we love Waka Waka because of the company’s “Buy One, Give One” motto: every time you buy a Waka Waka, one is donated to a developing country.

Cost: $79

4. Kindle Fire

The e-reader is a must these days. Who wants to dislocate their shoulder carrying all those books when you can have them all on one, small, lightweight device? We chose the Kindle Fire HDX as our pick over others, as it has a long-lasting battery life (11 hours of non-stop reading) and crisp HDX display, and it can carry over 100,000 apps and games. It also has a camera and is fully competitive with the iPad — it just costs a lot less.

Cost: starts at $199.

5. Venmo


Ever been on a trip, the bill comes, and someone is like, “Oh, hey — I’ll get you later?” And then they don’t? Nothing will cause tension between friends and family more than financial issues. Now, there’s a way to really split the bill. Venmo, is an app that users can transfer money through its bank-grade security. Users can hold money in their Venmo accounts, or choose to “cash out” to a synced checking account, with changes reflected overnight. Trust us: Venmo takes the tension out of shared travel.

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