Teachers and Nurses Swear By These Sneakers from a Jennifer Garner-Worn Brand

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They’re comfy enough for 12+ hours of wear.

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Amazon / Shape

If you’re constantly on the move, chances are that sneakers are your favorite footwear choice. After all, they’re designed to offer cushioned support for a variety of activities; whether that’s working out or running errands, you can count on a sneaker being soothing on your feet. Take Brooks’ 5 Revel Running Shoes, for instance — not only are they from a Jennifer Garner-worn brand, but teachers and nurses swear by this pair for a full day on their feet. Currently, these trainers are as low as $60 and they’re selling out fast — for good reason.





The Brooks 5 Revel Running Shoes are made for road running, indoor workouts, training, and simply walking. The versatile sneakers quite literally put a spring in your step by delivering a responsive ride that lets you easily move forward. It’s all thanks to a lightweight, soft cushion that lessens impact and an arrow-point patterned outsole that offers quicker transition from the heel to toe. Additionally, its knit fabric hugs feet for a secure fit and provides breathability. Along with its all-day comfort, the running shoes’ selection of classic colorways make it an ideal option for casual wear.

Many reviewers with occupations that require them to stand all day agree that the Brooks 5 Revel Running Shoes give your feet a break. A kindergarten teacher with plantar fasciitis said, “These shoes keep my feet happy. They are lightweight and feel springy when walking.” A reviewer who’s both a nurse and teacher said they provide the “best support” for a long day at work.

Other nurses say that these Brooks sneakers are suitable to wear for long periods of time.

“[The Brooks sneakers] are so comfortable, like walking on clouds, but also sturdy and supportive,” said a reviewer. Another shopper said they have “zero pain” while a final nurse affirmed that they are “perfect for flat feet,” even during 12+ hour shifts.

So try Brooks’ 5 Revel Running Shoes for a new pair of comfy, everyday sneakers. Before the deal is gone, buy them from $60 at Amazon.

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