Teacher secretly brings students’ dream cupcakes to life: ‘My favorite thing I’ve ever done as a teacher’

This teacher surprised her students with real-life versions of their cupcake art!

Taylor Miller (@taylormiller084) is a TikToker and elementary school teacher who is passionate about making class time fun. That’s why Taylor decided to come up with a truly unique way to get her class excited about school: with cupcakes! Taylor had her students design their “dream cupcakes,” then hired a pastry chef to bring them to life!

The video begins with a drawing of a cupcake sitting on a desk in Taylor’s classroom. The cupcake illustration has been colored in with orange, yellow, red, gray, and green crayons. At the top, one of Taylor’s students’ names is written. The bottom reads, “Vanilla.”

“A few weeks ago, I had my students design their dream cupcake,” Taylor explains in a caption.

Then, the camera begins to move, showing sheet after sheet of cupcake illustrations. Each one has been colored in by a different student, and each one is totally unique! Some cupcakes have multicolored layers, others are adorned with stripes or patterns. Some students have decided to decorate the base of the cupcake, while others focused exclusively on the frosting.

“I told them it was just for fun,” Taylor writes as the camera pans over a rainbow striped vanilla cupcake. “But I secretly took them to a pastry chef to make them a reality!”

Taylor pans over several more cupcake drawings, ranging from the hastily scribbled to the meticulously designed. Then, she cuts to the real cupcakes!

The cupcakes sit in a box and are just as colorful and unique as her students’ drawings. Each one looks just like the cupcake drawing that inspired it, only these ones are really edible!

“They looked just like the drawings!” Taylor exclaims in a caption.

Viewers applauded the creative teacher.

“That’s so sweet,” one viewer wrote.

“If I ever become a teacher, I’m definitely gonna do stuff like this,” commented another TikToker.

The official TikTok account for Tootsie Rolls even chimed in, saying, “Never thought a cupcake would make me cry.”

Taylor has certainly created a sweet memory for her students!

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