TCS Founders Team With David Pemsel on New Company: ScienceMagic.Inc

Samantha Conti
·3 mins read

LONDON — A new public relations, branding and marketing company is looking to connect the dots between data science, storytelling and digital technology in a bid to speak to the next generation of consumers and shopping tribes.

Daniel Marks and Julietta Dexter of The Communications Store are teaming with David Pemsel on the venture, which launches this week. Pemsel is the former chief executive officer of Guardian Media Group, who transformed the British newspaper’s digital business and restored the group to profit.

TCS, the p.r. firm with clients including Versace, Victoria Beckham Beauty and Goop, is merging with immediate effect into the new company, ScienceMagic.Inc. Some 115 TCS employees will move into the new company, which will be based in London and New York.

TCS has been in business for more than 25 years, and in an interview Marks and Dexter said it was time to futureproof, and to consider new ways of communicating and building businesses at a time when consumers are buying directly from companies and forming communities around their favorite brands, celebrities, influencers and other individuals.

Marks, whose new title is “chief magic officer,” said the company’s aim is to be brand guardians “using data, AI and technology to amplify great creative thinking, develop exceptional consumer entertainment platforms and build sustainable commercial businesses.”

Pemsel’s title is ceo, while Dexter is chief growth and purpose officer. All three are shareholders in the new business. They plan to reveal a director of science, and a director of experience soon.

In an interview, they said they want to align themselves with their clients as closely as possible; map out targeted, long-term, “3-D” strategies for brands, and potentially take stakes in some of their clients’ businesses. The company plans to continue TCS’ work in p.r. and communications.

Pemsel, who was also the founder and chairman of of GMG Ventures, a 42 million pound fund that makes early-stage investments in the media tech sector, said a big goal will be to “build meaningful relationships with consumers in this complex and dynamic world.”

He said the new company will be guided by three core themes: “strategic science, creative magic and digital experience, and to grow real and enduring value for both brands and people of influence.”

He believes that “personality and purpose are the future of all brands,” while consumers are looking for inspiration “in a new world of genuine engagement and entertainment.”

Pemsel added that data, creative and digital will not be siloed at ScienceMagic.Inc, but will work together for the benefit of the brand.

The fashion and celebrity p.r. and branding industries have moved with lightening speed, leaving many media organizations and communications experts behind.

Direct-to-consumer businesses, Instagram influencers and celebrities-cum-brands, such as Rihanna, have short-circuited traditional routes to market, speaking directly with their communities and blasting out messages without the need for middlemen.

Those new dynamics, coupled with faster and more sophisticated technology, are forcing all communicators to rethink how they conduct business and how they approach the end-consumer.

Dexter added that the new company would also put an emphasis on “emotion and purpose” with regard to how it interacts both with brands and consumers. She said so many consumers are looking for “hope, inspiration and guidance” — especially at a time like this.

She added that in the beauty and wellness space in particular, she wants to work with brands and people and to create and promote role models and projects that carry meaning.

It is a huge moment in her career, too. Having cofounded TCS, Dexter said in the past quarter century the company has resisted being acquired three times. The creation of ScienceMagic.Inc, she said, means “we’re able to maintain our independence, and it gives us the opportunity to scale and build the business.”

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