Taysom'd two ways to a fantasy loss

Andy Behrens consoles fantasy managers who played Scott Miller Week 5 and turns Taysom Hill's name into a verb.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, it's that time again. This is where we commiserate over our absolute worst fantasy losses. The losses that just left us disheartened and gutted, and it's bad. This right here is Fantasy Bad Beats.

Our worst beat of the week comes to us from Scott Corbin. Scott Corbin, first of all, this is an outstanding team name. I want to credit you there. The Catalina wine Mixon, man, that's a brand. That is something that you should employ year after year.

A couple of things I like about this. Number one, you actually acquired the player that you named your team after, Joe Mixon. And you started him this week, unlike last week's bad beat, with Land Sharks who didn't even start DJ Shark.

Anyway, that's a big tangent. This beat is terrible. Of course, Scott benched Mike Williams, or #ScottyMiller. Oh no. Mike Williams, of course, two touchdowns in the Monday nighter.

Helped him a little bit that Keenan Allen exited with a back injury. Mike Williams was fantastic. Scotty Miller, not so much. If I bear any responsibility for this, I just simply want to apologize. I'm pretty sure I had Scotty Miller, a top 40 fantasy receiver in the ranks.

He had been heavily targeted by Tom Brady and then just nothing. Thursday nighter, a loss to the Bears. The 4-1 Bears, by the way. This hurts. Leaving all those points on the bench, when you otherwise set a very good lineup.

Mixon aside, you had Drew Brees. You had Calvin Ridley. This is a good team. This is a team that is going places. You've got Mike Davis, like to see that. And the Drew Brees aspect is interesting.

Because it brings us to our honorable mention, dishonorable mention? Bad Beat of the Week, which comes to us from Quentin Quarantino. He merely says that he got Taysom'd. A lot of us got Taysom'd on Monday night.

Taysom Hill, of course, trots onto the field occasionally to disrupt a drive, grind things to a halt. Occasionally he will poach a touchdown, like he did in the Monday nighter. Oh, that burns me. It clearly burned Quentin.

Poor Quentin, he's got both Kamara and Drew Brees. Every time Taysom Hill touches the football, he's taking stats away, usually from one of those two players, if not both of them. That is absolutely brutal. Taysom Hill gets a touchdown that could have gone to Kamara, that could have gone to Brees.

I'm heartbroken over this. We need a [INAUDIBLE]. I don't even know how to address this. I don't know if Congress can act. I don't know if some government agency can take action here. I don't know who steps in to stop this Taysom Hill nonsense, but it needs to happen.

Quentin, man, I'm so sorry. Remember, next week when things don't go your way, when things take a terrible turn, perhaps on Monday night, perhaps in the last snap of Monday night, hit up your fantasy football live friends. Use the hashtag, #FFLBadBeats.