Taylor Swift Was Seen Crying While Performing “Champagne Problems” During Joe Alwyn Breakup

taylor swift
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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s breakup came out of nowhere this weekend, and now fans are busy looking for clues in the Eras Tour. Which brings us to “Champagne Problems.” A video of Taylor singing the song (posted on March 20) is making the rounds on TikTok, where she’s visibly emotional. And understandably, fans think it could be because Tay wrote the song with Joe, who—unbeknownst to fans—she was in the process of breaking up with. (Sources say the former couple split a “few weeks ago,” so…right around the time this footage was posted.)

Naturally, Twitter is in a state:

On top of all this, People reports that Taylor added “The 1” to her Eras set list, which is a highly emotional breakup song with lyrics like:

But we were something, don’t you think so?
Roaring ’20s, tossing pennies in the pool
And if my wishes came true
It would’ve been you
In my defense, I have none
For never leaving well enough alone
But it would’ve been fun
If you would’ve been The One

And the song she cut? “Invisible String,” which fans have long speculated is about Joe. But there’s some positive news amid all this sadness: A source told CNN that there was no drama in Taylor and Joe’s breakup and that they’re going to stay friends: “Taylor and Joe broke up a few weeks ago. They simply grew apart and plan to remain friends.”

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