Taylor Swift Was "Having Fun" with Matty Healy After Her "Stifling" Relationship with Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Was "Having Fun" with MattyRobert Kamau - Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy sent social media into a frenzy in May 2023 when reports surfaced that they were dating. Less than a month later, the new couple called it quits, and now, sources have come forward with details about how serious their brief courtship really was.

A source told Page Six that Taylor was never really serious with Matty. "Everyone who really knows her has been saying all along that this was a fun, good time thing that would last as long as it lasted and would be no big deal once it's done," the insider explained. And if you were wondering, there are no songs about the short-lived romance with Matty hidden in Taylor's vault. "She will not be writing albums about this one. It was a summertime thing. Does everyone have amnesia about Tom Hiddleston? Jesus Christ," the source confirmed.

According to the source, Taylor's connection with Matty was the singer's way of having fun after ending her "stifling" six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. "She's allowed to let off some steam and sew [sic] her oats without people claiming first that she's 'head over heels and then that she's 'breaking up' with the guy. It's not a breakup. It's a natural evolution of a fun little thing whose moment is over."

On Monday, June 5, TMZ revealed that a friend close to the situation confirmed that Taylor is "single." A source dished to People about what led to their breakup. "She had fun with him, but it was always casual," an insider revealed. "They are no longer romantically involved."A source later told Entertainment Tonight that conflicting schedules and incompatibility caused their split. "Taylor and Matty broke up. They are both extremely busy and realized they're not really compatible with each other," the source said. "Taylor's friends want what's best for her and aren't shocked that their relationship fizzled out since she recently got out of a long-term relationship."

Things first appeared to heat up in May after Matty attended several appearances on Taylor's Eras Tour. They were spotted together for the first time after Taylor's Era Tour in her hometown of Nashville. Fans even snapped pics of Matty alongside Taylor's dad.

Rumors of a potential romance first surfaced in November 2014 when Matty revealed that he exchanged phone numbers with Taylor. "We exchanged numbers. Let's see what happens," he said during an appearance on Shazam Top 20. When the show's host Angus O'Loughlin joked about the possibility of them becoming an it-couple, Matty said, "Let's just see what happens. I mean, bloody hell, what am I going to do? Go out with Taylor Swift? She's a sensation. I wouldn't say no."

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