Taylor Swift Joins Kelce Family (Including Jason And Kylie) To Cheer On The Chiefs

afc divisional playoffs kansas city chiefs v buffalo bills
Taylor Swift Joins Kelce Family At Chiefs GameAl Bello - Getty Images
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Taylor Swift was once again spotted cheering on the Chiefs, this time during their playoff game against the Bills in Buffalo, New York. AND she was joined by the entire Kelce family—including Travis Kelce's parents Ed and Donna, as well as Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce.

Here's Tay arriving at the game:

And yep, that appears to be Brittany Mahomes getting out of the car ahead of her:

Meanwhile, here's Taylor and Kylie!

Just FYI, Brittany and Taylor have become tight friends since Taylor started dating Travis Kelce, and an Us Weekly source recently said “Taylor and Brittany have grown even closer over the past several months. They have a really genuine friendship and love hanging out at the games together and cheering on their men. Brittany loves that Taylor is dating Travis, and she’s so supportive of their relationship. They have a very similar sense of humor and are always cracking jokes and laughing.”

The source also noted that “Even if things didn’t work out between Taylor and Travis, Taylor feels like her friendship with Brittany would continue no matter what.”

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Excuse me while I casually send this link to my friends and family and see what happens.

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