Taylor Swift Fans in Nashville Describe an Actual Nightmare Experience

Severe weather forced Taylor Swift fans in Nashville to wait out the concert delay for nearly four hours in the pouring rain, and the experience sounds like my actual nightmare scenario. 

When Eras Tour ticket holders arrived at the outdoor stadium on May 7, according to attendees speaking to Page Six, they were immediately forced to shelter in place together in the covered areas until 9:30 at night. “Fans were body to body with the rain and wind hitting us from the sides,” the source said. “The rain pooled around our feet as fans took their shoes off.” 

With everybody packed so closely together in such chaotic conditions, they said, many people had panic attacks, passed out, and threw up. “Fans were getting antsy as they were being shoved into each other, and security continuously kept trying to part their way through the masses,” the source told Page Six. “Fans traded bracelets and cried until we were released out to the show without openers.” A consummate professional, Swift reportedly rewarded her fans’ incredible fortitude by finally appearing on stage at 10 .p.m, skipping the opening acts, and performing until 2 a.m. Pop Crave tweeted a video from the rain-drenched event, writing, “Taylor Swift refused to cancel her final Nashville show and performed in the pouring rain after a four-hour lightning delay.”

Swifties being Swifties, most attendees on social media seem to have decided the hellish delay was worth it. “Pretty sure Taylor Swift is the only person who can scream ‘fuck the patriarchy’ and make Zeus the god of thundering misogyny retaliate,” one person tweeted. “Taylor Swift performing vigilante shit in the rain altered my brain chemistry and changed the trajectory of my life,” tweeted another.

Ahead of the show on social media, Taylor Swift said she’d been “so moved by these beautiful, generous Nashville crowds!!!! I just can’t believe it,” adding, “PS I know there’s talk of a rainy weather vibe tonight but I’m ready to play, see you sooon!!” Clearly she wasn’t kidding. 

Originally Appeared on Glamour