Taylor Swift Fans Are Debating What Easter Eggs Are in Google's Mysterious Vault Puzzle

Taylor Swift has a blank space, baby... but this time it involves figuring out a vault puzzle, not writing down names. Over the weekend, fans of Swift noticed something funny when you Googled the artist's name: a blue vault popped up and a puzzle came with it. What does this mean and what does it have to do with Swift? The vault not only is connected to the release of 1989 (Taylor's Version) that is coming in October, but Swifties think that it might be the key to the vault tracks for the upcoming album.

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What Is the Taylor Swift Vault Puzzle on Google?

When you Google the pop star's name, a fun blue vault in some sand comes up. Once you click the closed vault, a blue-hued puzzle pops up with different colored letters. At first, the only "hint" for the puzzle was "My name is Taylor and I was born in..." Fans were meant to type in "1989 Taylor's Version," using all of the letters in the puzzle.

However, at the time of writing this, more puzzles come up when you Google Swift's name. We got the hint "Blank Space," and the answer was "Nice to meet you." Once you type the answer in the Google search bar, another alert comes up saying, "You solved 1 puzzle! Keep going! 61k puzzles have been solved globally to unlock Taylor's vault." The 61k is rapidly moving up every second, with the bottom ticker saying 64k/33M puzzles at the time of this reporting. But again, that's moving up by the millisecond.

<p>Alani Vargas/Parade</p>

Alani Vargas/Parade

However, also at the time of this reporting, it seems like the vault is glitching ("I think there's been a glitch"). The vault doesn't pop up for us anymore when you Google her name and clicking "New puzzle" doesn't register the answer when you type it into the search bar. What will 33 million puzzles bring?

Coders and Fans Have Figured Out What Swifties Have To Do To Unlock Swift's Vault

Some super coders in the fandom have looked through the code and believe vault tracklist names are the final prize for solving the puzzle. Twitter user @bazhev95 tweeted that within the coding of the Google vault puzzle is the word "Delight."

And another user, @1989vinyl, posted a video going more in-depth into the code. She notes that one photo within the code is the vault itself but opened (which is not how it looks when you click on it when it pops up on Google since it's closed/locked right now). She also found that there is supposed to be audio that plays "during the final reward." Other words that show up in the code are "Easter egg" and "New puzzle."

Delight does show up "quite a few times," as the previous user also pointed out, making it seem even more likely that it's a vault track. She also found "global progress" written in the code, meaning that the number of people solving the vault puzzle might make something bigger happen, potentially meaning we "have to work together" to get to that final prize.

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The global progress has of course been confirmed with the pop-up about unlocking the vault with 33M solved puzzles. @1989vinyl (AKA Molly), also posted an update that other people are getting more than just "1989 (Taylor's Version)" in the puzzle. "Golf club," "Tokyo," "pen click," "got a haircut," "Wednesday," and so many more puzzle answers that have to do with 1989 or Swift herself.

A golf club appears in the "Blank Space" music video and on the Eras tour, the pen click has to do with "Blank Space" as well, Tokyo was the first stop on the 1989 tour and Swift was born on a Wednesday. The Twitter account @blessedswifty also posted a running list of vault codes. And, again, we got "Nice to meet you," which is the first line from "Blank Space."

Fans Are Losing It Over Taylor Swift's Vault Puzzle and Potential Vault Tracks

As you can imagine, this latest Swift Easter egg hunt and puzzle-solving antics have fans on the edge of their seats. Obviously, something is going to be released once Swifties get to 33 million solved puzzles. But what? Could it be all of the vault track names? Could it be something else? The fact that "Wednesday" is an answer might point to something coming tomorrow, Sept. 20, too.

We won't know what happens when all the puzzles are solved, but it has to be something pretty special. We're not out of the woods yet, Swifties.

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