Taylor Swift Eras Tour Setlist: 13 Best Moments from Her Opening Night Concert

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Setlist: 13 Best Moments from Her Opening Night Concert

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour: a theatrical, emotional, intense feat of performance that clocked in at over three hours — with 45 songs total, including a poetic reading of the song “Seven” — much to the pleasure of Swifties, who last saw her perform a live tour four albums ago.

Taylor officially kicked off the Eras Tour with an opening night in Glendale, Arizona, on March 17 to a crowd of nearly 70,000 fans who had no idea what she would do next.  It was also an especially Nashville kind of night, with openers Paramore and GAYLE hailing from the city.

As Taylor welcomed everyone to the tour, she introduced the format: we'd be going on an adventure through Taylor's discography, era by era. The album order? Lover, Fearless, evermore, reputation, Speak Now, Red, folklore, 1989, an acoustic set reminiscent of her debut, and finally, Midnights. Iconic.

Throughout the evening, Taylor played both hits and deep cuts, alluding to fandom inside jokes and overall showing how comfortable and happy she looks on stage. Three-plus hours of some of Taylor Swift's best work can be summed up in a quote from the singer-songwriter herself: “I don't know how to process how you all are making me feel right now.”

Whether you have tickets for future dates or would like to live vicariously through social media, check out our 13 favorite moments from night one of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

Cirque du Lover Fest

Just before 8 p.m., a countdown clock set to Lesley Gore's “You Don't Own Me” appeared on the massive screen at State Farm Stadium. The seconds trickled down, and then… an opening door, and dancers emerged carrying massive colorful wings — a la Loïe Fuller — to a montage of Taylor audio clips from various eras. The effect was theatrical, bright as she rose from the middle of the wings to a surprising first song: “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince.” This one was for the girls with Lover Fest tickets.

<h1 class="title">Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour</h1><cite class="credit">Kevin Winter/Getty Images</cite>

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A Little Bicep Kiss, as a Treat

Taylor was fully feeling herself minutes into the Eras Tour setlist, and nowhere was this more obvious than in her build-up to “The Man.” Transitioning from sparkly bodysuit to sparkly power blazer, she said, “You guys are making me feel powerful." She flexed her arm like Rosie the Riveter, hammering home the point with a deranged little kiss to her bicep. She finished with a flourish, ”I guess what I'm trying to say is you're making me feel like the man."

<h1 class="title">Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour</h1><cite class="credit">Kevin Mazur/Getty Images</cite>

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

An evermore Joke Reference

Lest you forget Taylor Swift sees all, she explicitly referenced an ongoing fan theory/inside joke about her album evermore, in the middle of performing that era. Since evermore came out as folklore's sister record, fans noticed what they saw as a pattern of her not acknowledging the album as much as its predecessor. Taylor assured fans, however, that evermore still holds a special place in her heart.

“We are in the middle of the evermore album,” she said at the mossy piano. "It’s an album I absolutely love, despite what some of you say on TikTok. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen all of it.”

A Moving Performance of “Marjorie"

If there's one song I didn't expect to hear in the Eras Tour setlist, it's “Marjorie,” one of the best examples of her songwriting to date. It's an emotive homage to her late grandmother, a song that feels close and intimate, almost too much to be performed in a stadium. But Taylor, wearing a long yellow dress, performed it with a glassy-eyed vulnerability that drew the crowd in to grieve together. To compound the moment, she followed “Marjorie” with fan-favorite “Champagne Problems” at the piano.

Give “Tolerate It” a Broadway Show

Taylor Swift went full theatre kid on “Tolerate It," whose set featured a long wooden table set with various fancy vases and tableware, with her dancer at the end playing her fraught love interest. As the verses mounted, Taylor climbed atop the table, smashing glass and tearing shit up. The drama!

The Old Taylors in Glass Closets

Reputation really is that album, and Taylor took us right back to The Reputation Tour during Eras with snake motifs, reimagined dark Taylor costuming, and more. The four-song setlist was a highlight of the show — that “Don't Blame Me” high note! — and especially “Look What You Made Me Do,” when her dancers donned old Taylor outfits and became trapped in glass boxes, banging on the sides to get out. Current Taylor only taunted them, dancing alongside and looking menacing. (Bonus: Andrea Swift absolutely rocking out to this song, as she should.)

Justice for Speak Now, But “Enchanted” Was Gorgeous

Taylor Swift's entirely self-written album — and the rumored next re-record — received some of the least attention during the Eras Tour. But the record did get a beautiful moment in “Enchanted,” where Taylor emerged in a glittering gown amidst purple fog. Enchanting, in the truest sense.

“I Just Love the Idea of Men Apologizing”

The folklore era was the most fully-fledged at the Eras Tour, with eight songs in total. Before she sang “Betty,” Taylor gave one of her most spot-on monologues: “I love to explain to men how to apologize,” she said, which, so true. “I just love the idea of men apologizing.”

“My Tears Ricochet”: A Funeral Procession

A true best moment of the Eras Tour: the dramatic funeral procession version of “My Tears Ricochet.” The visuals were out of an epic disaster movie, Taylor as the eye of a storm, a tsunami headed straight for you. The ultimate scene was her leading a pack of dancers in funeral black down the long stage.

“Tim McGraw,” Piano Version

I cried, you cried, 69,000+ people cried when Taylor sat at the piano to play the first song she ever released: “Tim McGraw.” The song was part of an acoustic set that also included “Mirrorball” — and according to Taylor, the set won't repeat any songs for the whole tour, unless she really messes something up and wants a do-over. (Not likely.)

A Dip in the Pool

The most shocking Eras Tour moment: when Taylor Swift suddenly dove into a pool of water at the very front of the stage. It was a sick visual moment, as the long stage took on a graphic of Taylor “swimming” underwater the length of the stadium, only to emerge on the main stage ready to take us into the final era of the setlist: Midnights. Meanwhile, the dive is already a viral internet meme.

The “Bejeweled” TikTok Dance

The TikTok x Taylor Swift crossover continued into the night during “Bejeweled,” when she performed the popular dance created by Mikael Arellano — complete with finger-wiggling shimmer.

“Karma” Is a Closer

If “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” was a surprising opening, “Karma” was a surprising finisher for the Eras Tour setlist. The Midnights track brought the whole show full circle, showing her joy and confidence in her performances and her team, and the work she and her coworkers put in to get here. (Plus, another win for the Karma album theory truthers; one fan spotted an orange coat, as evidence of the album trapped in Taylor's vault.)

You can find the complete Taylor Swift Eras Tour setlist below:

“Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”
“Cruel Summer”
“The Man”
“You Need to Calm Down”
“The Archer”
“You Belong With Me”
“Love Story”
“Tis the Damn Season”
“Champagne Problems”
“Tolerate It”
“…Ready for It?”
“Don’t Blame Me”
“Look What You Made Me Do”
“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
“I Knew You Were Trouble”
“All Too Well (10-Minute Version)”
“Seven” (poetry version)
“Invisible String”
“The Last Great American Dynasty”
“August”/ “Illicit Affairs”
“My Tears Ricochet”
“Blank Space”
“Shake It Off”
“Wildest Dreams”
“Bad Blood”
“Mirrorball” (acoustic)
“Tim McGraw” (acoustic)
“Lavender Haze”
“Midnight Rain”
“Vigilante Shit”

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