Taylor Lautner shares the advice he would give his younger self

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Taylor Lautner says he found out about the news of the reported "Twilight" TV show along with everyone else.

"I literally got the same alert on my phone," Lautner tells TODAY.com. "Definitely got a few texts after that."

When asked if he's involved in the show, he immediately says no and laughs, but then looks up and says he "would not be opposed to it."

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart (PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo)
Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart (PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo)

"I don't know what they have planned. Literally I have no more knowledge than anyone, so I don't know if they are going to try and spin off and keep somebody from the original, or if they want start all over with a new cast."

Lautner, who played Jacob Black in the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series in the late 2000s and early 2010s, adds he isn’t worried about revisiting that time in his life, should the show eventually come out.

"Maybe if you asked me that question five years ago, maybe I still would have been like, 'Ehh,'" he says. "But I feel like now I’m in such a healthy place and there’s been enough time that I only have fond memories of that and am incredibly thankful for it."

Lautner, 31, got married last year. He and his wife — who is also named Taylor Lautner, though she goes by Tay — co-host a podcast, "The Squeeze."

On the podcast, he has opened up about his body image struggles from his appearance in the "Twilight" films.

"When I was in it, when I was 16 through 20 years old, starring in this franchise where my character is known for taking his shirt off every other second, no, I did not know that it was affecting me or going to affect me in the future with body image," Lautner said in a February episode of "The Squeeze."

"But now looking back at it, of course it did, and of course it is going to."

He shared with TODAY.com what advice he would have told his younger self about growing up in Hollywood.

"It's so easy to get caught up in that whirlwind of people loving you for the wrong reasons and you yourself valuing the wrong things in yourself," he says. "It's something we say all the time on the show -- you find value where you put it, and I would just give myself that heads up: 'Hey, you know who you are. You know what's important. The rest doesn't matter as long as you know you have that.'"

His wife Tay Lautner, a self-described "Twihard," was famously Team Edward prior to meeting her future husband.

"At one point, I think she did just tell me that she was on the other side, but (that was) back then," Taylor Lautner previously told TODAY.com in an interview. "I was fine with it as long as I converted her now."

When asked to rank all five films, Tay Lautner says she needs time to think it over. "I'm curious what your answer will be," Taylor Lautner says to his wife, "because I go back and forth depending on my mood."

"Didn't last time we say 'Eclipse' was our favorite?" Tay Lautner asks. "I would say, probably, 'Twilight' is the last one."

Her husband replies, "Wow, that's an unpopular answer."

She says it's because she doesn't like getting to know a character — she likes to "know them already."

"There's too much learning in the first one?" he asks with a smirk, before diving into his ranking.

"I always say — not always, I do change my mind sometimes — most of the time, 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' is my favorite," he says. "'Eclipse' when you're wanting some action and a fun one, but kind of darker too. And then of course, 'New Moon' holds a special place in my heart."

"That one's my least favorite," Lautner's wife responds with a straight face — an obvious burn since it's the movie to focus most on Jacob's wolf pack. "Just kidding," she says, sending her husband into a fit of laughter.

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