Who Is Taylor Fritz's Girlfriend Morgan Riddle?

taylor fritz morgan riddle
Who Is Taylor Fritz's Girlfriend Morgan Riddle?Clive Brunskill - Getty Images

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Throughout Netflix's docuseries, Break Point, it's not just tennis players who get the spotlight. Their coaches, families, and significant others also feature in the show, including American player Taylor Fritz's girlfriend, Morgan Riddle.

Fritz, the top-ranked American player in the world right now, is the subject of episode three of Break Point, which follows him at Indian Wells, where he defeats Rafael Nadal to win the title. By his side the entire time? Riddle.

taylor fritz morgan riddle
Taylor Fritz and Morgan Riddle at the 2022 Indian Wells Championship.Clive Brunskill - Getty Images

She went viral on TikTok multiple times last year for her videos documenting life on the tennis tour. "Anything that she does that brings more attention to tennis is good," Fritz told Town & Country of Riddle's social media presence. "In the U.S., I think tennis has a lot of work to do to be a more popular sport that younger people wanna watch and wanna follow."

Riddle, and Break Point, are definitely putting in the work.Here's everything you need to know about Morgan Riddle:

She grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"I'm from the Midwest originally," she shared on the Hold On to Your Racket podcast. "My dream was always to go to New York."

"I grew up with hockey, my whole family is a hockey family … not a soul from Minnesota plays tennis," she shared. "I personally was more into theater and speech and debate, not athletic at all."

She moved to New York City, according to her LinkedIn profile, where she graduated from Wagner College in 2019. She studied English language and literature, and was member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

She started dating Taylor Fritz in 2020.

The two began dating in June 2020. When they started dating, she didn't know anything about tennis.

“I didn’t know a thing. Literally not a thing. I knew who Federer was. I didn’t even know who Nadal was. That’s not a joke,” Riddle told ATPTour.com. “I literally didn’t know anything about it. But I know a lot now. I would consider myself a tennis expert at this point, I really would.”

Soon, she began sharing about life on the tennis tour on her social media platform, encouraging others to get into the sport. "On a personal mission to make tennis cool again," she wrote in one now-viral TikTok.

Fritz, a supportive boyfriend, commented on her TikTok, writing, "For anyone disagreeing with the fact it’s 'relatively uncool in USA' let me know how often tennis is talked abt on sportscenter or espn 🤷🏻♂️"

She's super excited about Break Point.

morgan riddel and taylor fritz usa at the launch of netflix’s ‘break point’ seriesbefore the 2023 australian open on thursday, january 12, 2023 mandatory photo credit tennis australia fiona hamilton
Taylor and Morgan at the premiere of Break Point in Australia.FIONA HAMILTON/Tennis Australia

"Since Taylor and I first started dating one of the things he’s always said to me is that pretty much his main goal besides being a top player obviously is to make tennis more popular in the U.S. Honestly anything that we can do to work towards that,” Riddle shared. "I have kind of helped him a bit with that or been on board with his mission to do that, so I think the show will just enforce that. Hopefully, we’ll see."

Where to follow Morgan Riddle on social media:

morgan riddle
Karwai Tang - Getty Images

She's on Instagram @moorrgs and TikTok @moorrgs. On TikTok, her bio is "travel & outfits & tennis."

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