Tasty substitutes for cilantro

Some people can't stand the taste of cilantro, claiming it tastes like soap (a trait which according to studies, could actually be genetic). If you fall into that category, here are 5 of the best substitutions. 1. Parsley. Cilantro and parsley are actually cousins, so this sub would make sure you’re keeping it in the family. 2. Thai Basil. Thai basil has more spice than traditional basil, so it’s a good replacement for cilantro if you’re looking to maintain that signature zip. 3. Lemon. a squeeze of lemon is a great way to mimic cilantro’s unique, citrusy flavor. 4. Fresh mint. Mint has a strong taste, but you can eliminate some of that menthol flavor by adding a splash of balsamic vinegar, according to Spiceography. 5. Dill. Dill and cilantro don’t have very similar tastes, but dill works in similar ways by providing bold accents to dishes like fish or chicken soup