This Tasty Costco Heat-and-Eat Dinner Duo Is Grandma-Approved

The classic combo is just what the chilly weather called for.

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There are some food combinations that just go hand in hand—peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, macaroni and cheese, bagels and cream cheese. And perhaps the most dynamic food duo of all time: meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

I cannot make meatloaf for my family without making mashed potatoes. There would be a rebellion, but I’m okay with it because I don’t want to eat meatloaf without mashed potatoes either.

My family’s meatloaf of choice is the Rempel Family Meatloaf, and when I make it, I often double the recipe and freeze an unbaked loaf for a future dinner. As much as I enjoy meatloaf, I don’t particularly enjoy sticking my hands in the cold ground meat to mix the ingredients together.

If you love meatloaf but don’t always enjoy making it, Costco has a heat-and-eat dinner in its refrigerated section for you—meatloaf and mashed potatoes, together in one package.

Costco’s Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

While the meatloaf and mashed potato duo at Costco isn’t a brand new item, it’s been getting some love on social media lately as we’re all transitioning from summer meals to fall meals. Instagram’s costobuys posted a video of the “oven ready meal made with fresh ground beef and Yukon gold mashed potatoes!” from a recent Costco run.

The quick, tasty dinner that’s made in Costco’s deli is perfect for days you don’t feel like cooking or days you don’t have time to cook. Just throw a green veggie into the mix (there’s no shame in frozen vegetables that steam right in their bag) and you’re good to go.

The duo costs $3.99 a pound, and Costco sells them in packages that cost about $16. You get four pounds of meatloaf and mashed potatoes (give or take an ounce or two), which should feed four people easily when you add vegetables to the meal. The meatloaf comes with a “signature glaze” which looks like it has a tomato base, and the mashed potatoes come dotted with large pats of butter, the same way Costco’s loaded mashed potatoes do.

“This is one of our favorite Costco meals,” one of Costcobuys followers commented. And another said, “We had that meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight. It was tasty.”

Reddit Says It’s Grandma-Approved

If you’re still unsure about Costco’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes, would a grandma’s approval convince you?

“My grandma loves meatloaf so I picked this up for dinner to take to her tonight, really loved it. It looked smallish but I didn’t realize how thick the meatloaf is so there was enough for both of us plus some leftovers for her for a couple meals,” said Redditor Patient-War-4964.

“It’s great for prepared meatloaf. It’s a staple in the winter at my house,” said one person in the thread. Another said that as dinner for one, it can last “4-5 meals.”

Of course, there were those who commented that homemade would be better, and I can’t argue with that. But for meatloaf and mashed potatoes that don’t involve having to stick my hands in cold ground meat, these definitely seem worth a try.

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