We Tasted And Ranked Every Flavor Of My/Mochi Ice Cream

Boxes of My/Mochi ice cream
Boxes of My/Mochi ice cream - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Mochi, a beloved delicacy deeply rooted in Japanese culture, has captivated hearts and taste buds across the globe. With a history dating back thousands of years, this traditional treat made from glutinous rice flour has evolved, transcending its cultural origins to become a symbol of culinary innovation and indulgence.

Initially recognized for its significance in religious ceremonies and special occasions, mochi has transformed into an iconic dessert enjoyed worldwide, especially in its modern iteration -– mochi ice cream. This fusion of heritage and inventiveness combines the chewy, tender texture of traditional mochi with the creamy allure of ice cream, offering a delectable harmony of taste and sensation.

The My/Mochi brand has further redefined this classic by infusing it with an array of sumptuous ice cream flavors, presenting a tantalizing assortment that caters to diverse palates. I took on the task of exploring and ranking the spectrum of flavors My/Mochi has to offer, paying homage to the dessert's roots while celebrating the modern evolution that has captivated ice cream enthusiasts globally. Whether you're an ardent My/Mochi enthusiast or a curious newcomer eager to delve into the world of frozen delights, this comprehensive guide is your roadmap to savoring the best My/Mochi has to offer.

Some recommendations are based on firsthand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer/distributor/etc.

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie My/Mochi
Strawberry Banana Smoothie My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

My/Mochi has two smoothie options within its lineup, and they both rank dead last on this list. Everything about the Strawberry Banana filling tastes artificial, especially the banana flavoring. There is something about the banana that just tastes off –- almost like it's going bad.

When I think of smoothies, I think healthy, but these bites are really sweet. It doesn't go with the smoothie vibe that I assumed would be a healthier frozen option. I also miss the texture of the smooth ice cream compared to this version, which is literally a frozen-ish smoothie wrapped in mochi.

The overall experience of this mochi flavor falls short, leaving a void for those accustomed to the traditional My/Mochi charm. In a lineup of diverse and decadent flavors, this rendition struggles to compete. Despite a commendable attempt to infuse a smoothie element, the Strawberry Banana variant proves to be a regrettable deviation, emphasizing the delicate balance required to create a satisfying My/Mochi experience. For those seeking authenticity and a genuine taste of My/Mochi, this flavor, unfortunately, becomes a definitive no.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie My/Mochi
Mixed Berry Smoothie My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

The Mixed Berry Smoothie flavor wasn't much better than its strawberry banana counterpart. Honestly, these two smoothie flavors could have tied, but one had to rank higher. Just like our last place option, this one was completely artificial tasting, but it also leaned bitter and tangy based on the mixed berry label. The outer shell of the mochi was delicious, but the juicy texture of the smoothie, compared to the solid ice cream options, bled through and ruined the subtle sweetness over time, especially with the tart berry flavoring of the strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Overall, the smoothie option just wasn't a hit. From the texture to the flavor, there wasn't much here to write home about.

Yes, the smoothie varieties are a lower-calorie option with just 70 calories per piece compared with the 80 to 90 calories per piece for the ice cream varieties. But is that sacrifice worth it? We don't think so. The mixed berry does taste a little better based on the removal of banana, but this isn't something I'd ever choose again, especially for dessert.

Classic Pickle

Classic Pickle My/Mochi
Classic Pickle My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Next on the list was the limited-edition Classic Pickle flavor, and yes, you read that right -- pickle. Honestly, I had mixed feelings about this one, as I love to try weird food, but pickle ice cream? I was deeply unsure.

The real tell here is the fact that Classic Pickle doesn't come in last. However, that doesn't say anything about this flavor; it says everything about the flavors that it beat. This one tastes like a pickle. In ice cream. And that's really all I have to say about that. Yes, you still get that classic mochi taste and texture on the outside, but that tart pickle flavor takes over the entire profile very quickly, and boy, does that salty taste negate any hint of ice cream goodness.

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy or try this one, but it's really about intention. A gag gift, a fun weekend activity, or even an option for our pregnant friends with weird cravings -- these all might work. As a regular snack? I'm going with absolutely not.

Strawberry With Boba

Strawberry with Boba My/Mochi
Strawberry with Boba My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

I don't know what I was expecting when I saw boba listed on the box, but it was not a molasses-flavored ball. When I think boba, I think of delicious jelly balls in my taro bubble tea. There was something about this flavor combo that just didn't jive with me.

When you bite into this mochi variant, you get the mixture of sweet mochi dough with sweet strawberry ice cream, but then your palate is assaulted with the boba bursting in your mouth. I want to be clear: This one isn't bad, but I had a different flavor profile in mind. Nowhere on the box does it say which boba flavor it is, so I had my own preconceptions walking into this taste test. The boba has notes of molasses, brown sugar, and an almost coffee-like subtlety, but those rich notes overwhelm the lightness of the strawberry completely.

In one sense, I can see the pairing between the fresh strawberry and the darker, rich boba here, but that burst of brown sugar and molasses really overpowers the profile. For me, this one just doesn't have the balance I crave with sweet treats.


Horchata My/Mochi
Horchata My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Coming in 12th in our ranking is the Horchata flavor, which overall, is pretty good. If you like cinnamon, this one is definitely for you. But the more you eat, the more that cinnamon bites at your taste buds. It gets a little Christmas candle-tasting after a few morsels. And once that happens, you really lose the delicacy and sweetness of the mochi dough it's wrapped in.

I don't hate the Horchata, but I definitely couldn't eat more than one piece of this flavor. Cinnamon is a tough spice to use correctly, and with that complexity in the profile, you really have to enjoy cinnamon and the overpowering nature of this ingredient. I am not a fan of the cinnamon challenge, and to me, that's where this flavor is heading.

I think Horchata is a good one to throw in the mix for seasonal treats, and one standalone might be okay. But as a regular, everyday snack or dessert? This one isn't for me.


Coffee My/Mochi
Coffee My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Next up is My/Mochi's Coffee option, which almost breaks into the top 10 from among all of the flavors tested. Note that the ingredients list includes coffee, but it's unclear how much caffeine is in each bite.

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about the Coffee variant, and this is coming from someone who doesn't drink coffee. Normally, I don't enjoy anything with this flavor profile, but there is something balanced with this one. The ice cream is smooth, and the coffee taste is pretty subtle; it isn't bitter as I expected it would be. The sweet rice dough from the mochi offers a nice complement to the smooth, rich ice cream base. It's actually a pretty solid flavor.

Why did it rank this low? Personal preference. If you're a coffee lover, this variety is a must-try, for sure. But for me, there are an array of better flavor options out there.

Non-Dairy Strawberry With Oat Milk

Strawberry with Oat Milk My/Mochi
Strawberry with Oat Milk My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

I never know what to think when it comes to dairy treats that are non-dairy, but My/Mochi surprised me with its Strawberry with Oat Milk option. Starting with the flavor, the strawberry is a little bland compared to its ice cream cousin, but it is still delicious without leaning artificial. Regarding texture, this one feels more like a sorbet, but there are no arguments against a good sorbet or sherbet in my book.

What I like about this option is that it doesn't taste like a healthy or allergen-friendly treat masking as a dessert. This one is really balanced with flavors and sweetness, one I definitely wouldn't hesitate to eat again. So, why does it not rank higher on the list? Milk-based ice cream is always going to be better than a substitute -- period.

Overall, this is a solid non-dairy ice cream treat. It seems My/Mochi really did its research. I would absolutely recommend the Strawberry with Oat Milk mochi for anyone who is allergic to dairy and or keeps this food item out of their diet. Nice job, My/Mochi!


S'mores My/Mochi
S'mores My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Personally, I think it's difficult to get the right balance of flavors when it comes to artificial s'mores candies and sweets, so I am truly surprised by how well My/Mochi accurately gets the profile of s'mores into this little ball of rice dough. While the dough itself is chocolate, you get the cinnamon aftertaste of a graham cracker with the sweetness of a marshmallow in the majority of the bite. The chocolate flavor is a little lacking within the dough, but I wouldn't call it bland. That's also not to say it is overpowering either. The missing chocolate punch is really the only negative note when it comes to this flavor, but it doesn't detract from the overall appeal.

Overall, S'mores is pretty good, and I would happily eat this flavor again. You can find every single note from a true s'mores treat, and that speaks volumes about this option and My/Mochi's dedication to its craft.


Mango My/Mochi
Mango My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Picking up the eighth spot on this ranking is My/Mochi's Mango flavor. Upon first bite, it is pretty clear that this isn't a traditional mango taste, but there is something about this option that I really like. I wouldn't call it artificial per se, but more of a tropical fruit rather than that true mango sweetness.

The ice cream is super smooth, and I think the flavor borders on a sherbet variation, which adds a touch of nostalgia to this profile. It works well with the light sweetness of the mochi dough, creating a true balance of sweetness and tang.

I know that's not really what mango is about, but there is something nice about this one. It is so light and refreshing, which is a welcome detour from the other sugar, cream, and bold flavor options. I really recommend this one as a respite away from your typical ice cream flavors, but if you're thinking of frozen mango for flavor, think again.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip My/Mochi
Mint Chocolate Chip My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Okay, Mint Chocolate Chip was an absolute favorite on this list, so you might be thinking, why didn't it rank higher? While the ice cream inside was absolutely delicious, a vibrant and refreshing mint flavoring, this option didn't really feel like mochi or reflect the true essence of the mochi tradition. All you taste is mint chocolate chip ice cream, with the mint overpowering every other flavor in the piece. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when you do taste the sweet dough, it clashes with the harsh mint, creating an imbalance I didn't enjoy. And while the chocolate was present, it didn't really add to the profile.

Overall, I really like this flavor, but since we are ranking mochi, we have to focus on that rice dough and subtle flavor nuances. Therefore, I can't let this one break into the top five. But if you love everything mint, this flavor is an absolute must!

Dulce De Leche

Dulce de Leche My/Mochi
Dulce de Leche My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of coffee, so having the Dulce de Leche flavor almost break into the top five is a huge surprise. This My/Mochi option has a complex flavor profile compared to the rest of the lineup, and the brand balances these flavors well. You get a hint of cinnamon, that smooth caramel flair, and then a touch of coffee at the end. This variant really brings together an array of flavors in a harmonious way.

If cinnamon, caramel, and coffee are your vibes, Dulce de Leche is a must. And honestly, even if they aren't, I'm suggesting you try it anyway. It might become a new favorite in your freezer. For me, these are never my go-to flavor cravings, so it ranked a little lower on the list for me than it may for you. Give this version a try, and see for yourself!

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean My/Mochi
Vanilla Bean My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Breaking into the top five in the My/Mochi lineup is Vanilla Bean. Say what you will about the flavor vanilla, but there is something to be said about simplicity and vanilla bean done right. I think My/Mochi really nails it with what some might call a "vanilla" variant.

The vanilla bean ice cream within the mochi dough is delicious. It's light yet vibrant with that real vanilla bean flavor cutting through the sweetness of the rice dough and powder. My only real critique is that there is a slight clash between the sweet dough of the mochi and the richness of the vanilla bean. Is it jarring? Absolutely not, but it is worth noting and the reason this flavor didn't break into the top three.

That clash along with the fact that My/Mochi has so many wildly delicious flavors is why this one ends up taking fifth place. But I can say this flavor is delicious and a frozen dessert absolutely worth a try if you see it at your local store. Vanilla is anything but its name.


Guava My/Mochi
Guava My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Up next is Guava, another flavor I would never personally reach for or try on my own, so thank you to My/Mochi for forcing me out of my comfort zone and showing me a new favorite in my freezer aisle. My first impression -- the guava flavor is solid. The taste of the guava ice cream is very realistic with no traces of artificial anything at all. That juicy fruit taste pairs well with the sweet dough, creating a delicious symphony of sweet and tangy flavors. This variant is light, refreshing, and a truly yummy treat.

Guava is a surefire winner on this list, and it's one that you definitely have to try -- at least once. Why is it fourth? I just honestly like some of the other flavors better -- simple as that. When I think dessert, I usually lean toward chocolate over fruit, and I think this list proves that bias.


Strawberry My/Mochi
Strawberry My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Strawberry is a classic ice cream flavor, and My/Mochi does a killer job of capturing the essence of a real strawberry in its mochi ice cream option. The sweetness of the strawberry ice cream cuts through the subtle rice dough and balances the sugar and tart profiles well. This one is a real Goldilocks option -- not too sweet, not too tart -- it's made just right. And you won't find any of that artificial fruit taste like in some strawberry ice creams and candies.

Realistically, I put this one in third place since strawberry isn't a stand-out flavor, and it's not always a fan favorite. I would typically pick a more bold choice at my local ice cream stand or something more decadent, but My/Mochi's strawberry is a delicious option nonetheless. It's one that shouldn't be overlooked. This ice cream variant is a solid "basic" option done right.

Double Chocolate

Double Chocolate My/Mochi
Double Chocolate My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Taking the runner-up spot is none other than My/Mochi's Double Chocolate flavor, and oh, is it tasty. The rice dough has hints of chocolate that complement the double chocolate ice cream perfectly, fulfilling what I think a perfect dessert encapsulates. The chocolate in the ice cream is rich and smooth without being too bitter or too sweet. This is another Goldilocks moment on the ranking, offering real balance without gimmicks or too much pizazz. And the ice cream texture is spot on, too, offering a smooth and luscious-tasting experience.

While there are many basic flavors in the top five, they really speak to the nuance and complexity of My/Mochi's creations, offering simple yet delicious treats using classic flavors. The double chocolate is a perfect reflection of that craft and promises to satisfy both chocolate lovers and those with a sweet tooth. This variant can definitely make a new home in my freezer anytime it wants.

Cookies And Cream

Cookies & Cream My/Mochi
Cookies & Cream My/Mochi - Jenn Carnevale/Daily Meal

Oh boy, do I like this one, and that's saying a lot with all the flavors I tried during this experience. Coming in first and surprising the heck out of me is My/Mochi's Cookies and Cream. The ice cream itself isn't bold or overpowering. It pairs well with the sweet rice dough. This flavor option offers a true balance of mochi to ice cream in texture and taste.

Overall, the Cookies and Cream variant was sweet and decadent, but it wasn't so sweet that I didn't want to eat the whole box in one sitting. I absolutely did. While I didn't actually eat the entire box at once, I loved that this option really gives you the luscious and rich profile of a decadent dessert, but it left room on your palate and your stomach for more than one piece.

This one is an absolute must. Next time you're in the freezer aisle, look for those purple boxes and get trying!

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