Target's Summer Send-Off Sale Is Here With Big Savings On Beauty, Home, Fashion, And More

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When opportunity knocks, it's probably a good idea to open the door. And this week, Target is knocking with their Summer Send-Off Sale! From now through Sept. 4, you can save on clothing, home, beauty, and more!

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Here are some of the many things you can grab on sale right now:

1.A belted knot blouse that's so much more than just workwear — mix and match with the right accompanying pieces and it'll take you from the office to the after-party no probelm.

a model wearing the shirt in pink

2.A Dyson upright vacuum ready to tackle messes you didn't even think you had. Reviewers say they were absolutely amazed at the dirt this machine could pull out of their space. What dirt could be lurking in yours? 🤔

a model using the vacuum

3.A Vitamin C body wash ideal for dry and sensitive skin that'll give your body an extra boost of hydration and enhance its natural glow.

the body wash

4.A pair of two-toned resin hoop earrings to add a creative flair to your accessory lineup. With so many colors to pull from, you can pop these earrings with a variety of different looks.

the earrings

5.A pair of open-toed wedges, not only a super stylish option that'll give you a little height, but will also give your feet some breathing room while we survive the end of this warm season.

a model wearing the shoes in red

6.A Ninja air fryer aka the best invention since the microwave. You can make tasty foods in a fraction of the time without having to turn on a stove or an oven. This fryer, in particular, has a convenient viewing window to peek in on your food without stopping the cook.

the air fryer with a viewing window and two plates of food in front of it

7.A Shark steam mop to help rid your floors of dirt, build-up, and other bacteria without needing to use harsh chemicals.

a model using the steam mop to clean under a chair

8.A 10-piece set of Rubbermaid food containers — leak-proof, air-tight that are great for leftovers or meal-prepping and won't absorb the smells of the food they hold.

the storage containers in small media and large sizes

9.A loofa sponge three-pack because your little ones deserve a relaxing bubble bath after a hard day of learning cursive. These little loofas might even have them excited for bath time.

the flamingo loofa

10.An arched mirror perfect for adding a stylish and ~on trend~ piece to your space. Whether you place it in your living room or bedroom, the arched style instantly elevates the decor. There's no wrong way to incorporate it into your aesthetic.

an arched mirror in gold

That's but a mere taste of the savings you can find during Target's Summer Send-Off Sale. Check out the rest now!

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