Target's $3 'Cute' Clear Book Vase Is Restocked After Selling Out and Fans Are Rushing to Buy It

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TikTok—and the internet in general—is a great place to find home decor inspiration. From porch ideas to unique lightbulbs, social media can really be full of creative ideas you can implement in your home. One of the more recent home decor trends involves vases that look like books. And not just regular books, but a clear book. This style of vase is a little whimsical and fun while still being aesthetic and trendy. Now, Target just made it easier for you to try this trend out yourself with their newest drop to Bullseye’s Playground.

Target’s under-$5 section is truly a magical place, with things from home necessities to electronic accessories. And as The Target Farmhouse posted on May 16, Target is selling a clear book vase for $3, which is a really eye-catching way to display your flowers. The vases are quite like how you’d imagine them; they’re shaped like a hardcover book with an opening on the top for water and flowers. The “title” on the book is The Hidden Garden, which is also written down the spine of the book.

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“Restocked!!!” The Target Farmhouse wrote in their caption. “My store has gotten a new shipment of these. Definitely one of my favorite purchases this spring!”

As they stated, the vases were brought back to Target; other social media posts showed that Bullseye’s Playground was selling these exact acrylic book vases in early April. Target’s under-$5 section carries things seasonally and monthly, so considering spring is in full swing—and summer is nearly here—it makes a lot of sense for Target to bring these vases back. The Target Farmhouse’s comment section was certainly full of people who were ready to go out and buy them now.

"Omg I’ve been on the hunt!! So cute," one person commented, while another called the vase, "Such a cute find!" Another shared that they thought this was a “smart” find.

"It’s seriously the cutest!” another person commented, writing that they gave theirs to their mom, which would have been a sweet Mother’s Day gift.

Even though these clear book vases are trendy, Target is not the first to sell them (though they are one of the least expensive vase options we’ve seen for this style).

Puransen Bookend Vase for Flowers (Clear Color), $9.99 on Amazon

Shop it on Amazon
Shop it on Amazon

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Amazon, which is a popular place for these types of vases, has the Puransen Bookend Vase for Flowers for $9.99. The title on their vase is The Mystery of Growth Tell Us Everything is Possible: A Book About Flowers. Fitting! It measures 5.9 inches wide and 7.9 inches tall, with a 1.6-inch depth. With over 3,000 ratings and a 4.6-star rating, it’s safe to say this is a good option if you can’t make it to Target.

Acrylic Book Vase, $19.81 (originally $28.30) on Etsy

Shop it on Etsy
Shop it on Etsy

Another option for a clear book vase is the Acrylic Book Vase from LaVieLenteStyle’s Etsy store. It’s $19.81 (though it was originally $28.30), and has the same exact measurements as the Amazon option. This one is titled The Language of Flowers. There are even options on Etsy to customize your own clear book vase so that it resembles your favorite novel.

But if you want an inexpensive yet unique vase, Target’s clear book vase from their Bullseye’s Playground section is definitely a great option for you. Get it before it sells out again!

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