Target's $16 Skims Bodysuit Dupes Are Going Viral On Social Media: 'These Are Like Butter'


Skims bodysuits are some of the comfiest and cutest pieces out there, but many fans aren’t happy with the price. Thrifty social media users have found a solution: A Target dupe. Many viral videos on Instagram on TikTok show the $16 bodysuits you can find at your local Target that have the same look and feel of a Skims bodysuit without the $60 price tag. Keep reading for more details.

Skims Bodysuit Dupe At Target

TikToker @.TargetIsEverything is one of the many social media users that have posted videos of the bodysuits. “New Skims dupes at Target!” she captioned the video. “These are amazing basics!”

@.TargetIsEverything shows the Target dupe in different cuts and colors, from short-sleeved to tank tops and from pastel colors like pink and blue to more nude shades. They look and feel exactly the same as the $60 Skims version, but cost a fraction of the price! At only $16, you can get three of these for the price of one—talk about a deal!

Customers Are Obsessed With The Target Skims Dupes

There are hundreds of videos across TikTok and Instagram, all showing off the Skims Bodysuit dupes available at Target. Users have filled the comment sections assuring others that the dupes are just as comfortable and cute as the original. "It's giving Skims," one user wrote in a comment.


"Give me all the bodysuits!" said another.


"What perfect layering pieces!" added one fan.


"These are the best bodysuits!" another customer wrote.


"These are like butter on the skin!" another fan agreed.


"I'm so obsessed with these," said a final fan. "They're so comfortable and slimming and you literally can't tell the different between these and Skims."