Target Is Selling Woven Platform Sneakers That Are 'So Much Like' Dolce Vita Sneakers Over 3x The Price

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Finding the right street sneaker that suits your style and comfort can be hard. First, you probably want something cute and nice enough not to dress down an outfit immediately; you’re obviously looking for something other than your gym shoes. You would probably prefer something comfortable too, not just trendy. Well, one of Target’s best-rated sneakers might be the stylish sneakers you’ve been looking for (plus they look so similar to expensive Dolce Vita shoes).

Target’s women’s apparel brand, Universal Thread, has just the thing with their Women's Persephone Sneakers with Memory Foam Insole. They’re a platform shoe with a sole made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). The shoe comes in four available colors—blue denim, gold, white and light beige—and has a knitted look to the top portion, with a woven texture in all the colors. And of course, as the name says, it has a cushy memory foam insole for comfort.

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Women's Persephone Sneakers with Memory Foam Insole - Universal Thread, $42.99 at Target

Shop it at Target
Shop it at Target

These sneakers are on the more expensive side—when compared to Target’s sandals and slides—at $42.99, but they have nearly a 5-star rating after 500 reviews and are worth the hype. One reviewer wrote that they love the shoes, saying they’re so “cute and comfortable,” that they own two pairs and they’re ready to buy a third.

Another reviewer called them “princess sneakers" because of how cute they are and a different shopper even called out how much they look like the Dolce Vita Dolen Sneakers we mentioned above. The Dolce Vita shoes are $150 and look so similar. They have the same vertical-lined platform sole and knit or woven top portion. And their “Sandstone Knit” color is a near lookalike to Target’s light beige color on their Persephone sneaker.

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Dolen Sneakers, $150 at Dolce Vita

Shop it at Dolce Vita
Shop it at Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita’s sneaker has different materials (and for being over 3 times the price, it should). But with Target’s Persephone sneaker being so similar in looks, it’s a good choice for someone looking for a cushy and stylish pair of shoes.

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