Target Is Selling $38 'Perfect' Raffia Mule Heels So Similar to a Dolce Vita Style Almost 3x the Price

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Raffia heels are all the rage right now, and that’s pretty easy to see in popular styles that have come out recently. Target is a retailer that’s very big on raffia heels, and it is such a great spring and summer material to incorporate into your wardrobe. One of their newer styles has a nearly perfect rating and looks just like a pair from Dolce Vita that is nearly three times the price.

The shoes in question are Target’s Women's Tia Mule Heels by their women’s clothing brand A New Day. They’re currently $37.99 and are a classic slide mule heel with a cushioned insole for comfort. You can slip them off and on and they have a square-shaped, 3-inch block heel for the perfect height. The top strap is a large woven piece that makes sort of an “X” shape where it comes together.

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Women's Tia Mule Heels - A New Day, $37.99 at Target

Shop it at Target
Shop it at Target

These mule heels come in two colors—beige and cream—and are both made out of raffia. The cream has little pearls sewn along its woven fabric and the beige is just straight raffia. They currently have 93 ratings producing a near-5-star rating in total. And the good reviews are pretty convincing for how much shoppers love these heels.

"Very attractive mule!” one shopper wrote. “The heel is the perfect height with a rather broad base, making it comfortable and stable… They'll be perfect for a garden-themed family wedding this summer. Very pleased with shoe and price."

Another person called these a “great buy,” saying that they “were perfect” for a concert they went to. “... Not one moment did my feet hurt!" they gushed.

One reviewer wrote that these were an impulse buy while shopping in Target and the mule heels impressed them with “how comfortable” they were.

"These are fantastic,” another customer wrote. “I got the cream ones for bridal events and received lots of compliments. Not to mention, they were comfortable for standing all afternoon in them! Great value - debating getting the other color."

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Nitro Heels, $100 at Dolce Vita

Shop it at Dolce Vita
Shop it at Dolce Vita

The other color, beige, would be a pretty good one to own too, especially considering it looks so much like Dolce Vita’s Nitro Heels in the color LT Natural Raffia. They’re $100 and look so alike. They have a similar square-toed front and a square-shaped block heel (Dolce Vita's is 3 inches, though). The woven strap doesn’t have as hard of lines in its design, either, but again it looks like such a similar style.

So if you’re looking to add a cute, neutral mule heel to your closet—or maybe you’re trying to collect all of Target’s raffia shoes—A New Day’s Women's Tia Mule Heels are worth checking out.

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