Target Is Selling $35 Summer Heels That Look Just Like a Popular Dolce Vita Pair and Are 'So Unbelievably Comfortable'

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It’s no easy task to find sandals that are cute *and* comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. That’s why Target shoppers raving about how long they can dance in a pair of stylish $35 A New Day heels caught our attention. But we also noticed that the 5-star Target shoes look very similar to one of Dolce Vita’s most popular items.

The strappy A New Day Stacy Mule Heels seem seriously inspired by the Dolce Vita Noles heel — it even comes in a few of the same colors. Although the heel’s design is pretty minimalistic (in a modern way, of course), it feels surprisingly elevated for something you can get for just $35 at Target.

A New Day Stacy Mule Heel in Black, $35 at Target

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Just like the Dolce Vita style, the slip-on Stacy Mule Heel features slim rounded straps. The instep strap that falls higher up on your foot even has a little bit of elastic on the inside, offering some wiggle room when it comes to sliding the shoes on.

The biggest difference between Target’s version and Dolce Vita’s is that the Stacy Mule Heel has a 3” block heel, while the Noles heel has a 3.25” cylindrical heel. While we slightly prefer the block style, we have good news if you like the look of Dolce Vita’s shoe better. The Noles heel is currently on double sale, marked down from $100 to $48 with the promo code FRIENDS.

Noles Heels in Black, $48 (was $100) at Dolce Vita

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That said, several sizes of the Dolce Vita Noles heel are already out of stock, and even with the current discount, Target’s Stacy Mule heel is still more affordable. What’s more, shoppers love the Stacy Mule so much, they buy it in multiple colors.

“I was really surprised by how comfortable these were. I loved them so much that I also bought them in black the next day,” said one shopper. One customer added, “I would recommend these to anyone and buy them again without hesitation.”

“I am so impressed with these heels,” another reviewer wrote. “I rarely wear heels anymore and bought these for a party. I wore them for about 5-6 hours full of dancing and walking/standing, and they were perfect! No blisters, no pain, and so cute!”

Again, it’s rare to find a shoe that’s super cute without sacrificing comfort. Considering the A New Day Stacy Mule Heel costs just $35, we think it’s a smart move to add them to your shoe collection.