Tarek El Moussa Defends Heather After Haters Attack Her Latest Instagram Post

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Your 13th birthday is a special moment in your life and should be treated as such: you've finally made it to teenagehood! The least you could do is celebrate that milestone. But snarky reactions to Heather Rae El Moussa's latest Instagram post make it seem as if there are specific ways you're supposed to mark the occasion—and reusing baby shower decorations for a surprise party isn't one of them.

Tarek El Moussa's daughter with Christina Hall, Taylor Reese, turned lucky number 13 towards the end of September, and yesterday the El Moussas threw her a surprise birthday party, sharing a carousel of photos of the party in a joint Instagram post. It looked like a joyous event, but haters invited themselves to tear down the party and specifically Taylor's stepmother, Heather.

Some wrote in to point out the similarities in decorations used for Taylor's surprise party and the ones for the baby shower the couple held in May for their son, Tristan Jay. "It kinda looks like they used the leftover baby shower/party stuff," wrote one commenter. Other negative comments included the observation that the post shared more photos of Heather and her relatives than the birthday girl herself (even though Taylor was in four of the six pictures in the carousel).

Tarek quickly came to the defense of his wife, shutting the haters down. He wrote, "Just so everyone knows this is a joint post. I chose all of the photos in this post. So to all the people being awful to my incredible wife, be a better person…." Replying to a specific person who sniped "Why is your daughter not the center of attention??? Heather had to take center stage? Not cool," Tarek asked, "How can you try to turn something beautiful into something negative?"

Thankfully, not everyone was criticizing the couple. There are many comments that point out the obvious love in the family. Also, we feel compelled to note that on Taylor's actual birthday, Heather posted an Instagram carousel celebrating on that day too, writing she loves being her "bonus mom."

As for the decor tempest in a teapot, there's no way to know if the El Moussa's did reuse old baby shower decorations for Taylor's surprise party. (And if they did, way to be sustainable! As one commenter pointed out "It's called not being wasteful...our landfills are full enough!") But we noticed that the birthday girl was wearing all blue, so who's to say she didn't love the blue balloons and sign? We just hope Taylor had a great time celebrating and being celebrated by her family members, "bonus" and otherwise.

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