Tanner Hall Shares New POV Angle Of Quad Flip

Tanner Hall, a legendary pro skier known as the "Ski Boss," has remained relevant in freeskiing for far longer than most others in his generation. How? Grit. Determination. And quadruple backflips.

Tanner just released the POV angle of the quad he stomped in Utah earlier this season. See it below.

Tanner Hall's 39 years old. I don't say that to make fun or suggest that he's over the hill. Nor do I mean that his quad backflip is only gnarly because he's nearly 40. Far from it.

I say that to highlight the Ski Boss' longevity. Skiing's hard on your body. So is getting older. Tanner Hall's been through countless injuries but never lost his passion for skiing or his ability to throw down tricks that maintain his relevancy as an athlete.

It does make me wonder what his diet and workout plan look like. Maybe Tanner Hall and Candide Thovex, another skier that's maintained pro status for over 20 years, found the fountain youth. Or they just really like skiing and take the necessary time to care for their bodies as they age.

I suspect it's the latter, which makes me excited about aging and continuing to prioritize skiing. Sure, I don't intend on chucking quads at 39 (nor do I at my current age), but knowing that it's possible to keep frequently hitting the slopes beyond your 20s puts a smile on my face.

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