Tana Mongeau Wore a Snakeskin Bikini Top As a Shirt for A Trip to Las Vegas

Kelsey Stiegman

From Seventeen

California lockdown has officially been lifted and Tana Mongeau has fled the state on a wild trip to Las Vegas with her entire crew. It's a CHOICE considering coronavirus is still a thing, but to each their own, I guess.

The YouTuber flooded Instagram Stories with photo evidence of her trip to Sin City. While there, she made another daring decision: showing up to the casinos wearing nothing but a teeny snakeskin bikini top. Vegas, baby!

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

If the endless selfies and videos are any indicator, Tana was really feelin' herself. She styled up her bikini Vegas-style, adding a pair of mom jeans and XXL pearl hoops.

Throughout quarantine, Tana has made safety precautions feel just as sexy as her normal outfits. She's rocked rubber gloves with a thong, a face mask with a bikini, and cozy wfh sweats that showed off hella underboob. This time around, she threw all those precautions to the wind. Let's just hope she washed her hands for 20 seconds before leaving that bathroom.

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