Tana Mongeau Shuts Down Rumors That She’s Lying About Her Age with Hilarious Tweet

Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff - Getty Images

From Seventeen

Tana Mongeau is setting the record straight after her age became a big question on social media.

Vice editorial director Casey Johnston posted on her Twitter page that she started to look into which celebrities got PPP loans due to the coronavirus pandemic and the system that she used had Tana's age as 30, not 22.

A fan ended up screenshotting the post and sending it over to Tana who very quickly got her ID out and took a pic to show her real age.

"Imagine me taking my ID out of my wallet rn and taking a picture of it and Hunter goes 'what are you doing' and I go 'stopping a scandal before it starts,'" she posted on Twitter.

Some fans still couldn't believe it, especially since the ID was before she turned 21 and not updated afterwards. Tana said that she was thinking of calling the hospital she was born to get a copy of her birth certificate to further prove that she's really 22.

Tana also said that her best friend, Imari Stewart, revealed that he received a phone call about her age from a reporter, likely because of this Twitter exchange.

"FR I JUST WALKED IN HIS ROOM AND GO 'you remember middle school right? we were the same age right?' and he goes 'is this about the scandal a reporter just got my number and called me' HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA," she wrote.

Funny enough, people had some questions about her ID like her height and her questionable signature that she says she did before touring and perfecting her autograph.

At least she got a good laugh out of all of this craziness.

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