Tana Mongeau and Francesca Farago are Feuding On Social Media Over Francesca's Ex Harry Jowsey

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Photo credit: Hollywood To You/Star Max - Getty Images
Photo credit: Hollywood To You/Star Max - Getty Images

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  • Back in July, there were rumors that Francesca Farago and Tana Mongeau were dating, after the pair was seen getting flirty on social media and while out to dinner.

  • Now, the two seem to be feuding as Tana posts a TikTok with Francesca's ex, Harry Jowsey.

It seems like former friends Tana Mongeau and Francesca Farago had a falling out just two months following rumors that they were dating. The pair got in a little tiff on social media after Tana posted a TikTok with Francesca's ex, Harry Jowsey.

In the video, Tana is dancing around Harry before grabbing his face for what seems to be a kiss, though the video cuts out before anything happens.

Many were surprised to see Tana hanging out with Francesca's ex, since they ended on pretty rocky terms, but Tana commented that everything was good between the girls.

"Francesca went out with an ex of mine," she wrote in a comment shared by TikTokRoom. "That's LA! I'm chill I don't have drama."

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Francesca apparently thought differently, however. She commented, "false" on the TikTokRoom post.

She also responded to some comments about Tana and Harry. When a fan wrote, "I love Tana but what she did was just wrong you deserve better than both of them babe," Francesca responded, "100%."

Another fan asked if she and Tana were still friends, to which Francesca responded, "She's friends with Harry now apparently."

Harry and Francesca broke up in June after meeting on Netflix's dating show, Too Hot To Handle. In a YouTube video, Francesca admitted that she was blindsided but the split.

"I genuinely thought we were going through a rocky period and that we were going to figure it out," she said. "And when I moved to LA, it was going to be perfect. I genuinely thought that, no matter what, we were going to end up together. I thought we were going to get married."

Following their breakup, Francesca was spotted out with Tana multiple times, sparking romance rumors. Since then, things between them have seemingly cooled and the state of their current relationship is unknown.

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